How to Dress Like Tinker Bell

Strapless Chiffon Green Dress
Ballerina Bleach Blonde Bun
Pixie Duster Wand
Angelic Butterfly Wings
White 3" Pom Pom
Pleaser Star-16G Glitter Flat
  1. Strapless Chiffon Green Dress Check Price
  2. Ballerina Bleach Blonde Bun Check Price
  3. Pixie Duster Wand Check Price
  4. Angelic Butterfly Wings Check Price
  5. White 3" Pom Pom Check Price
  6. Pleaser Star-16G Glitter Flats Check Price

Best Tinker Bell Costume Guide

Tinker Bell is the iconic fairy in Walt Disney’s animated Peter Pan who can fly and produce fairy dust, allowing others to fly. Instead of appearing as a bright light in the original 1953 Peter Pan movie, Tink was animated and has since become one of the most popular characters for The Walt Disney Company. Dress like Tinker Bell with a Strapless Chiffon Green Dress, a pair of Pleaser Star-16G Glitter Flats, White 3″ Pom Poms, and Ballerina Bleach Blonde Bun. Fly off to a costume party looking like Tink with Angelic Butterfly Wings and a Pixie Duster Wand.

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