How to Dress Like Tiger Millionaire

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Tiger Millionaire Costume Guide
Perm Curly Mullet Wig
Black Bushy Eyebrows
Tiger Nose Mask
Salmon Button Down Shirt
Purple Suspenders
Purple Necktie
Wrangler Blue Jeans
Purple Spray Paint
Dollar Sign Stickers
Badminton Racquet
Fake Money
Red Flip Flops
Black Briefcase
Gigantic Inflatable Cell Phone

Best Tiger Millionaire Costume Guide

Dressing up and to be a different personality can be fun, and that’s what Steven Universe does when he transforms into his pro-wrestler persona, Tiger Millionaire. Most people don’t turn into professional wrestlers, but Tiger Millionaire knows what he is doing when tag teaming with Purple Puma! Steven made his first appearance in the episode, Tiger Millionaire, on the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe that aired in 2014. Dress up like the alternate look of Steven with this Tiger Millionaire costume guide.

Get the wrestler look of Tiger Millionaire with a Black Greaser Wig, Black Bushy Eyebrows, Tiger Nose Mask, Salmon Button Down Shirt, Purple Suspenders, a Purple Necktie, Dollar Sign Stickers, Wrangler Blue Jeans, Red Flip Flops, a Black Briefcase, Purple Spray Paint, a Gigantic Inflatable Cell Phone, Fake Money, and a Badminton Racquet.

Tiger Millionaire Cosplay Costumes

Steven Universe characters are quickly becoming a top choice in the cosplay world. The characters from the popular animated show, Steven Universe, are a fun and quirky option if you want something out of the ordinary! Tiger Millionaire is a wild, tiger-like wrestler, who wouldn’t want to dress up as that?! There are quite a few pieces that go into this costume, but we’ve tracked down everything you need to make this costume just right.

Recreate this look with a black greaser wig and some black bushy eyebrows. After that, grab your tiger mask and put it on so it covers your nose. Put on a salmon colored button down shirt and blue jeans paired up with a pair of purple suspenders. Tie a purple necktie to your shirt and stick on a dollar sign sticker. Slip on a pair of red flip flops and spray paint a briefcase purple. Stick another one of those dollar sign stickers on your briefcase as well. Don’t forget your gigantic cell phone, a badminton racquet, and stacks of fake money! Go along with other Steven Universe characters like Stevonnie, Smoky Quartz, Greg Universe.

About Tiger Millionaire

The characters from the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe often have their main persona and an alternate persona for different occasions. Tiger Millionaire is the wrestling persona of Steven Universe. Some of the other characters have wrestling personas as well. Like Amethyst who became Tiger’s tag team partner, Purple Puma.

Tiger Millionaire is a feline who grew up in a wealthy family but made his own living in coconut mines. To become Tiger Millionaire, Steven puts on a small mask with the nose of a tiger. His entire outfit completely changes to turn into a wrestler. The best part is that Steven slicks back his hair using margarine. You know it’s serious business when the margarine comes out. Even though wrestlers on Steven Universe can use whatever powers they want, Tiger Millionaire never uses his gem powers. He would rather use props to persuade and trick others he fights against!

Tiger Millionaire

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