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Gray Pullover
Men's Blue Jeans
Brown Wig
Black Gloves
Face Mask
Bloody Axe Prop
Converse Low Top

Best Ticci Toby Costume Guide

Ticcy-Toby, whose real name is Tobias Erin Rogers is a fictional character developed in an internet creepypasta of the same name. The story was developed by a user named Kastoway, who provided the original drawing and story behind Ticcy-Toby. According to the stories, Ticcy-Toby is named because of his various tics when speaking. He suffers from several mental disorders, and has done for his entire life through a difficult childhood.

Ticcy-Toby, through a series of horrible events including the death of his sister and his own murder of his father, ends up meeting with the most famous creepypasta character of all, and he becomes a proxy for the Slender Man. To get the look of this troubled madman you’ll need a Brown Wig, Face Mask, Gray Pullover, Black Gloves, Men’s Jean, Converse Low Top, Goggles and of course his trademark Bloody Axe.

Ticci Toby Cosplay Costumes

The internet has drastically changed the way we get our entertainment content, and one prime example is the popularity of creepypastas – short stories or concepts created by online users and sometimes built upon by others if they are popular enough. Well, one that certainly gained a lot of notoriety was the story of Ticcy-Toby, which was certainly helped by the fact that the story loosely links in with the Slender Man mythos.

One thing is for sure, the story and image of Ticcy-Toby is certainly unnerving and frightening, so you know it is going to be a great costume if you can pull it off. As we know though, Toby doesn’t act all alone – you may need a friend to cosplay this one with you as you’ll need a Slender Man counterpart. A great costume idea for Halloween, so please enter our Halloween Costume Contest if you try out the Ticcy-Toby costume.

Ticci Toby Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the chilling world of internet lore with our costume guide for Tobias Erin “Ticci Toby,” a character that has captivated fans of creepypasta stories across the web. Known for his twitching movements and dark, compelling backstory, Ticci Toby has become an iconic figure in online horror culture. This FAQ section aims to help you accurately recreate Ticci Toby’s signature look, perfect for horror-themed events, cosplay conventions, or any occasion that calls for a touch of the macabre.

Ticci Toby is often depicted wearing a dark hoodie, striped black and white shirt underneath, cargo pants or dark jeans, and black combat boots. His face is partially obscured by a mouthguard or respirator mask, and he is known for his orange goggles resting atop his head. The ensemble is completed with hatchets or axes, which are part of his signature look.

To replicate Ticci Toby's mask, you can purchase a paintball mask or respirator mask that covers the lower half of the face. For the goggles, look for a pair of orange-tinted safety goggles or ski goggles. These items are crucial for achieving his distinctive appearance and can often be found in hardware stores or online.

Authenticity in a Ticci Toby costume comes from the attention to detail. Weathering the hoodie and pants with fabric paint or dirt can give the impression of his adventures and encounters. The striped shirt is a signature element that should not be overlooked. Adding bandages or wraps around the wrists or arms can also hint at his backstory and physical ailments.

In addition to the mask and goggles, carrying prop hatchets or axes (made from foam or another safe material) will enhance the authenticity of your Ticci Toby costume. Remember, safety comes first, so ensure any props are convention-safe and not harmful to others.

Ticci Toby is known for his unsettling twitching movements, a result of his fictional medical condition. Emphasizing these twitches, especially in the head and neck, can bring a level of authenticity to your portrayal. While Ticci Toby doesn't have specific quotes, embodying his silent, menacing presence and sudden, unpredictable movements can effectively convey his character to others.

About Ticci Toby

Ticcy-Toby is a character in an internet creepypasta created by a user named Kastoway. Real name Toby Rogers, Ticcy-Toby gets his name because of the tics he has while speaking. He was bullied so mercilessly because of this that he had to switch to homeschooling. With an alcoholic, drug-addicted gambler for a father, Toby developed several mental disorders as a child and also had to deal with his father’s abuse.

At age 17, Ticcy and his sister are involved in a car crash which kills his sister. Things only get worse for him from then on, culminating in a night where he murders his father with an ax and tries to flee. To distract the police while he tried to escape, he also sets fire to the town. During his escape, he meets the Slender Man. When he wakes, he has no memory of his past life, but he sets about murdering other people while under the control of the Slender Man, working as his proxy.

Ticci Toby

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