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Best Thurgood Jenkins Costume Guide

Working as a janitor in a medical laboratory in New York City, Thurgood Jenkins, aka Sir-Smoke-a-Lot, played by Dave Chapelle, enjoys doing just that: smoking weed. After bringing home an unusually potent strand of marijuana for him and his friends to smoke, the group found themselves amid chaos. Thurgood and his friends must somehow come up with one million dollars to bail their friend out of jail, who accidentally killed a police officer’s horse by feeding it junk food. As Thurgood and his friends begin building a business dealing medicinal marijuana Thurgood steals from his work, chaos continues to ensue as they encounter cops and drug lords who threaten to put them away forever.

Get the look of the silly stoner custodian with this Thurgood Jenkins costume guide. Cosplay Thurgood’s janitorial look by wearing Blue Coveralls, a Red Shirt, Name Patch, and Blue Sneakers. Complete the look with a Mop Prop to bring Thurgood’s character to life!

Thurgood Jenkins Cosplay Costumes

With a love of smoking, Thurgood finds himself receiving a potent batch of medicinal marijuana from the medical laboratory he works at as a janitor. After doing a favor for a scientist at work, Thurgood gets paid in marijuana the lab uses to test for medical purposes. After sharing his payment with his friends, Thurgood, and his stoner buddies find themselves needing to come up with one million dollars to bail their buddy out of jail.

Cosplay Thurgood Jenkin’s look from the stoner film Half Baked with blue coveralls and a red T-shirt. Add a name patch to your coveralls and slip on a pair of blue sneakers to complete the look. Finally, add a mop to finish off Thurgood’s janitorial look. Don’t walk the streets of New York City yourself! Make an entrance with your friends as you cosplay Thurgood and his stoner buddies Scarface, Kenny, and Brian. With costumes this good, you’ll be laughing with your friends all night long!

Thurgood Jenkins Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the hilarious and laid-back world of “Half Baked” with our Thurgood Jenkins costume guide FAQ. Get ready to channel the comical and easygoing vibe of this beloved character, as we answer your key questions about nailing his signature look for your next cosplay or costume event.

Thurgood Jenkins, portrayed by Dave Chappelle, typically sports a casual and effortless style. His outfit often includes baggy jeans or work pants, a plain or graphic t-shirt, and a simple, unbuttoned shirt worn over it. He also frequently wears a baseball cap and comfortable sneakers, reflecting his laid-back personality.

Thurgood has a short, neat haircut and a clean-shaven face. To replicate this, maintain a well-groomed hairstyle and a clean-shaven look. If your hair is longer or you have facial hair, consider a wig and shave or use makeup to create a clean-shaven effect.

For Thurgood's shirt, look for a casual, button-up shirt with a relaxed fit – plaids or solid colors work well. Underneath, wear a plain white or graphic t-shirt that's comfortable and loosely fitted. The key is to keep the look effortless and relaxed.

To complete the Thurgood look, add a baseball cap, preferably in a solid color or with a simple design. Other accessories can include a fake joint or a bag of oregano (to represent marijuana in a legal and safe manner) and a janitor's key ring or badge, referencing his job in the movie.

Adding some of Thurgood's memorable quotes will bring more life to your portrayal. Some iconic lines include: "I'm here today because I'm addicted... addicted to marijuana.," "Abba Zaba, you my only friend.," "You ever see the back of a twenty-dollar bill... on weed?" and "I got some booty, I got some booty!" These lines reflect Thurgood's humorous and quirky personality, making your costume not just a visual but also a character-driven experience.

About Thurgood Jenkins

Thurgood doesn’t remember many experiences from his childhood, but he certainly remembers smoking marijuana for the first time. At just thirteen-years-old, Thurgood and his buddies experiment with weed, which sparks their new favorite hobby that follows them well into adulthood. Working as a custodian at a medical laboratory, Thurgood is one of the best janitors around, and he loves his job. His job allows him to barely skate by and still partake in his favorite pastime of smoking marijuana. Unfortunately, his friend Kenny accidentally kills a horse-cop by feeding him all the munchies he just bought. Kenny soon finds himself in jail. 

First released in 1998, Half-Baked was considered a box-office failure. Years later, the movie has gained popularity, making it a cult classic. With timeless cameos by Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Bob Saget, and Tracey Morgan, the film has proven to be successful despite its initial negative reviews.

Thurgood Jenkins

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