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Thomas Shelby is the leader of the Birmingham criminal gang and patriarch of the Shelby family in the BBC television series, Peaky Blinders. After serving in the First World War, Shelby began to experience signs of PTSD while aiming to give his family a better life. With Peaky Blinders, Thomas leads the Shelby family to success and becomes a national force to be reckoned with. Both highly respected by the community and a dangerous foe to his enemies, Thomas Shelby proves that he will do whatever it takes to protect his family and his business.

Get the look of the ruthless family patriarch with this Thomas Shelby costume guide. Cosplay Thomas Shelby’s signature look by wearing a Wool Suit paired with a White Dress Shirt, Knit Tie, and Tie Clip. Add a Blue Pea Coat, Dress Shoes, Tweed Hat, and a classic Pocket Watch to complete the early 20th-century look.

Thomas Shelby Cosplay Costumes

While Thomas Shelby is a calm and observant man, he proves to his enemies that he is both intelligent and ruthless against anyone who dares threaten his family. His smooth, yet cutthroat demeanor enabled Shelby to command respect among members of the community. He eventually rose to the ranks and became a Member of Parliament to protect himself and his family further. Of course, rival gangs continue to threaten the Shelby family as they aim to take them down and reveal Thomas’s criminal past.

Dress up in Thomas’s typical attire by wearing a classic wool suit with a white dress shirt. Pair the suit with a knit tie, tie clip, and black dress shoes. Finally, complete Thomas Shelby’s outfit with a blue pea coat, tweed hat, and a classic pocket-watch. Of course, Thomas would be nothing without his family, so grab a few friends and cosplay characters from Peaky Blinders like Grace, Polly, Ada, and Arthur Shelby. With a family this powerful, you’ll be calling the shots all night long.

Thomas Shelby Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the gritty and stylish world of “Peaky Blinders” with our Thomas Shelby costume guide FAQ. Step into the shoes of the iconic leader of the Shelby crime family, portrayed by Cillian Murphy, as we unravel your most pressing questions about achieving his signature 1920s Birmingham gangster look.

Thomas Shelby's classic outfit exudes 1920s gangster elegance. It typically includes a three-piece tweed suit in dark grey or blue, featuring a waistcoat, jacket, and trousers. The look is completed with a white dress shirt, a detachable club collar, a dark tie, and a flat cap - famously embedded with razor blades in the series. Polished leather boots or brogues are essential footwear for this ensemble.

Thomas Shelby sports a distinctive undercut hairstyle, which is short and cropped on the sides and back, with a longer, textured top. To achieve this look, keep the sides and back of your hair very short or shaved, while maintaining length and volume on top. Use a small amount of pomade or hair wax for styling.

Seek out a vintage-style tweed suit in dark grey or blue, with a fitted waistcoat. The suit should have a tailored fit to replicate the sharp and immaculate appearance of Thomas Shelby. Pay attention to details like the lapel width and pocket style to match the 1920s aesthetic.

Essential accessories for a Thomas Shelby costume include a flat cap, preferably in tweed to match the suit. Additionally, a pocket watch with a chain, a silver or gold tie pin, and a vintage cigarette case or a prop cigarette can add authenticity to the outfit. The iconic peaky blinders cap, while not necessary, could add a dramatic touch.

Incorporating quotes from Thomas Shelby can add depth to your portrayal. Some notable lines include: "I don't pay for suits. My suits are on the house or the house burns down.," "I'm not a traitor to my class. I am just an extreme example of what a working man can achieve." and "By order of the Peaky Blinders." These lines capture the essence of Thomas Shelby's character: his ambition, leadership, and the tough demeanor of a 1920s gangster, enriching your costume experience.

About Thomas Shelby

Set in Birmingham, England, in 1919, Peaky Blinders follows the story of the criminal gang, Peaky Blinders, and their highly ambitious boss, Thomas Shelby. After suffering from PTSD due to his service in World War I, Shelby sought to create a better life for his family. What started as a small gang in Birmingham soon expanded to the North and South of England as he gained power and even more enemies along the way. Eventually, the gang moves internationally, and Thomas earns notoriety among famous gangs like the New York mafia.

To gain even more power and climb the ranks of the social ladder, Thomas Shelby becomes an elected member of Parliament. As a member of Parliament, Shelby gains not only power but also protection, which goes to show just how cunning he is. Willing to do whatever it takes to gain control, Shelby knows how to manipulate his way into the hearts of society and doesn’t care who he takes down in the process.

Thomas Shelby

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