How to Dress Like Thermite (Rainbow Six Siege)

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Tactical ABS Helmet
Tactical Knee Pads
American Flag Patch
Acetylene Goggles
Men's Twill Coverall
MetalTac Tactical Vest
Conforming Stretch Gauze
GTX Waterproof Boots

Best Thermite Costume Guide

Jordan Trace, or “Thermite” as he is commonly known, is an Attack Operator in the hugely popular Tom Clancy video game, Rainbow Six: Siege. Not just a Marine, Thermite also has a Chemistry Degree. He uses Exothermic Charges and is one of only two characters in the game that can break through reinforced walls. Get the look of the attacking operator with this Thermite costume guide.

If you think you’re up to the challenge of dressing as the character, Thermite, you’ll need the following: Tactical ABS Helmet, Tactical Knee Pads, American Flag Patch, Acetylene Goggles, MetalTac Tactical Vest, Men’s Twill Coverall, Conforming Stretch Gauze, and a pair of GTX Waterproof Boots.

Thermite Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay is all about transforming yourself into fantastic characters and escaping the real world for a while. What better way than to live the life of a military elite. If you don’t have the desire to be a war hero yourself in real life, you can at least pretend! While Thermite is known for his Exothermic Charges that can breach reinforced walls, he’s also no slouch with a shotgun or assault rifle. So, you can spice your costume up with some hardware–just make sure it’s not real!

The Rainbow Six franchise is an extremely popular video game series, so along with characters from the game Siege, you can also pair up to cosplay characters from any of the installments and take control of any gaming event.

Thermite Costume Tips & FAQs

Gear up for tactical action with our Thermite costume guide FAQ, inspired by the character from the popular video game “Rainbow Six Siege.” This guide is designed to help you recreate the look of Thermite, a key operator known for his expertise in breaching and demolition. Embodying Thermite’s look is perfect for fans of the game who appreciate his crucial role in tactical team operations.

Thermite's outfit is that of a tactical operator. Essential components include a black tactical vest with pouches, a navy blue combat uniform, a black balaclava, and a pair of black tactical gloves. He is also known for his distinctive goggles and the exothermic breaching charge, his signature gadget. Completing the look with a pair of sturdy black combat boots and a tactical helmet with a headset is essential for authenticity.

For Thermite's tactical vest, look for a black military-style vest with multiple pouches. Add a navy blue combat uniform, which can be found at military surplus stores or online. For his signature goggles, choose a pair of protective goggles that resemble his, and for the balaclava, select a simple black one that covers the face except for the eyes and mouth.

Thermite wears a black tactical helmet equipped with a headset. Look for a helmet that matches this style, often available at military surplus or tactical gear stores. Attach a mock headset or communication device to the helmet to mimic his in-game appearance.

To complete the Thermite look, consider adding a mock exothermic breaching charge as a prop, which is a key element of his character. You can create a replica using lightweight materials like foam or cardboard. Remember, safety first – ensure any prop weapons or tools are clearly fake and conform to event guidelines.

Including quotes from Thermite can bring depth to your portrayal. Some memorable lines include: "A really big f***ing hole coming right up.," "Time to make a new door.," "Stay behind me.," "Let's see who's nearby." and "Some serious drywall work coming up." These quotes capture Thermite's expertise in breaching and his no-nonsense attitude, making them ideal for adding an extra layer of character to your costume.

About Thermite

Jordan “Thermite” Trace was born Jordan Trace in Texas. Following two tours in Iraq as a Marine, he was discharged and pursued a Science Degree in Chemistry at Texas A&M. Not finished with protecting the world just quite yet, Thermite spent four years as a field agent in the FBI before joining the FBI SWAT team, which is where we meet him in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege.

His military background makes him an orderly and disciplined character that doesn’t appreciate surprises. Preparation is the key to success, and Thermite likes to be in complete control. In gameplay, he mainly uses a shotgun and assault rifle, but he is perhaps best known for is Brimstone Exothermic Charges which allow him to blast through reinforced walls like butter.


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