How to Dress Like The Warden (Superjail!)

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Best The Warden Costume Guide

The Warden is a main character in the popular Adult Swim animated comedy Superjail! Voiced by David Wain, The Warden (as his name would suggest), is the warden and owner of Superjail. He is extremely erratic, often appearing quite cheerful but regularly exposing a twisted, dark side of his personality.

He has magical powers, frequently shape-shifting into various objects, however, nobody really knows where these powers come from.

You can get the look of this eccentric prison warden with a Men’s Top Hat, Men’s Outdoor Winter Gloves, Lennon Sunglasses, Men’s Dress Shirt, Vintage Tailcoat Jacket, Men’s Dress Pants, Men’s Satin Cummerbund and Dress Loafer Shoes.

The Warden Cosplay Costumes

Superjail! First appeared on television screens in 2008 before taking a hiatus and returning in 2011 for a further 3 seasons. While it has been a while since the world was granted new episodes of the show, it has certainly developed a cult following, with the zany character of The Warden being a big part of that.

Visually, the show is great, and has many identifiable characters. Can you find a friend to dress as The Warden’s whipping boy Jared? Maybe his love interest Alice? Maybe go all out and find someone to dress as The Warden’s mechanical helper Jailbot.

We love seeing the great cosplay work you do – so please send your pictures in if you step out in The Warden’s glorious purple attire!

The Warden Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the wildly surreal and chaotic world of “Superjail!” with our Warden costume guide FAQ. This guide will assist you in capturing the look of the Warden, the eccentric and unpredictable character known for his flamboyant style and whimsical nature. Perfect for fans of the show, this costume will embody the Warden’s unique blend of cheerful appearance and dark undertones, ideal for a standout cosplay or Halloween outfit.

The Warden's outfit is distinctive and colorful, reflecting his larger-than-life personality. Essential components include a purple tailcoat with a high collar, a pink dress shirt, and a dark bow tie. He wears light blue pants and black shoes. The Warden is also recognizable for his large, round, yellow-tinted glasses and his wild, curly red hair. Completing the look with white gloves will give you the full Warden effect.

To mimic the Warden's hairstyle, if you have similar hair, style it into wild, curly locks. If not, consider using a red curly wig. His large, round, yellow-tinted glasses are a key feature, so look for glasses that match this description or use yellow cellophane to modify a pair of round glasses.

Look for a purple tailcoat with a high collar, which is a staple of the Warden's wardrobe. Pair it with a pink dress shirt to match the Warden's look in the show. The shirt should be a lighter shade of pink, complementing the purple of the coat.

To complete the Warden look, don't forget to add a dark bow tie and a pair of white gloves, which are characteristic of his attire. You might also carry a cane or a prop that resembles one, as it aligns with the Warden's theatrical and eccentric persona.

Including quotes or mannerisms from the Warden can bring your costume to life. Some memorable quotes are: "Welcome to Superjail!," "I have so many wonderful, horrible ideas!," "I'm the Warden, and reality bends to my will!," "It's all part of the magical journey!" and "Let the madness begin!." These quotes, along with the Warden's whimsical and unpredictable behavior, capture the essence of his character, making your portrayal more engaging and true to the spirit of "Superjail!"

About The Warden

The Warden’s father was also a prison warden who was so dedicated to his work that his son (The Warden) had his bedroom as a prison cell. His father was horrifically brutal as a disciplinarian, which has no doubt shaped The Warden’s narcissistic personality.

After his father’s death, he inherited a prison. However, the traditional jail system didn’t suit his increasingly warped ideas, so he created Superjail – a place he could run exactly how he wanted to. Throughout the series The Warden he seems to take great delight in terrorizing the prisoners and everybody around him, and due to his technical genius, many of his schemes come to fruition regardless of how twisted they are.

Although he is in control of Superjail and should be trying to maintain order, that is the last thing on his mind – he loves the killings which occur and he never misses a planned execution.

The Warden

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