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The Tick, depicted as a large man in a blue bug suit, is one of the most bizarre superheroes to gain a cult following. This hilarious superhero was created by cartoonist Ben Edlund in 1986. The Tick was created as a parody of many comic heroes in the 80’s. This comic book hero has made multiple appearances on screen in both animated and live-action shows since the mid 90’s. The Tick’s storylines are littered with other absurd characters and equally ridiculous situations which have turned this character into a fan favorite. Dress up like the blue giant blue super insect with this The Tick costume guide.

A character who is guaranteed to impress any comic book fan, you can become The Tick with his trademark Zentai Supersuit Costume, Superhero Costume Gloves, Rain Boots, Bug Headband Antenna, and Man Chest Plate for that muscular look.

The Tick Cosplay Costumes

There is little doubt that if you step out at an event, whether a large-scale event like Comic-Con or even just your friend’s Halloween costume party, you are going to turn heads dressed as The Tick. His trademark blue suit and oversized antennae make for a hilarious costume that any comic book fan will love. Embrace the silliness of this superhero parody and impress even the staunchest critics with your nod to one of pop culture’s strangest and most loved anti-heroes.

For full credibility points, talk a friend into dressing as The Tick’s trusty side-kick Arthur and set about protecting the world together. Remember though, the suit and chest plate can get pretty warm and the Tick may be best suited to come out in the cooler months—like Halloween!

The Tick Costume Tips & FAQs

Leap into the zany and heroic world of The Tick with our fun-filled costume guide FAQ. Embrace the humor and larger-than-life persona of the beloved blue-clad superhero as we provide answers to your questions about creating an unforgettable Tick costume.

The Tick's costume is characterized by its bold, blue color. Essential components include a tight-fitting, bright blue bodysuit that covers the entire body, including the hands and feet. The suit should have minimal details except for a pair of prominent antennae on the head, which are a distinctive feature of The Tick. Additionally, white or light-colored eyes on the mask that allow for vision are important for authenticity.

The antennae are key to The Tick's look. You can create them using flexible materials like wire or foam, covered in blue fabric that matches the bodysuit. Attach them securely to a blue mask or hood that covers the head and has eye openings. Ensure the antennae are sturdy but safe, without sharp edges.

The bodysuit should be made of stretchy material like spandex or lycra to achieve the skin-tight look. It’s important that the material is bright blue and somewhat shiny to mimic the cartoonish and exaggerated style of The Tick.

The Tick's costume typically includes blue gloves and boots as part of the bodysuit. If your bodysuit doesn't have attached gloves and boots, you can use separate blue gloves and wear blue boots or shoes that closely match the color and material of the bodysuit.

Embodying The Tick's character includes using his catchphrases, known for their humor and dramatic flair. Some iconic ones are: "Spoon!" – his battle cry. "I am The Tick.," "Evil is afoot!" and "Destiny dressed you this morning, my friend, and now Fear is trying to pull off your pants. If you give up, if you give in, then you're going to end up naked with Fear just standing there laughing at your dangling unmentionables!" These catchphrases capture The Tick's quirky and upbeat heroism, making your costume portrayal more dynamic and fun.

About The Tick

The Tick is a superhero character best known from the 2001 series starring Patrick Warburton, which was re-booted in 2016 on Amazon starring Peter Serafinowicz. Both series are an adaption of a 1986 comic book by 18-year-old Ben Edlund which was also an animated series in the mid-1990’s. While each live-action tv series only managed to last one season, The Tick is still an incredibly popular character among diehard comic fans.

Somewhat of an anti-hero, the Tick is often considered too bizarre for the mainstream but still holds a cult following among fans. The Tick’s origin varies throughout his appearance, but he was originally known to have escaped a mental institution with the intentions of fighting crime. The 2001 series sees him leaving the bus station he has vowed to protect, in order to move to the city. No matter the back-story, The Tick is a much loved, wacky character!

The Tick

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