How to Dress Like The Third Doctor

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Vintage Velvet Smoking Jacket
Frilly White Shirt
Purple Cape
White Hairspray Paint
Black Pants
Gold Pinky Ring
Black Leather Gloves
Curly Wig
Sonic Screwdriver
Black Dress Shoes

Best Third Doctor Costume Guide

Played by actor Jon Pertwee, The Third Doctor was eventually exiled by the Time Lords and exiled to earth for an undetermined amount of time. While he had great wisdom that he loved to share with others on earth, he would lose his patience quickly when becoming annoyed. He was quite a memorable Doctor on the BBC sci-fi television series Doctor Who from 1970-1974. Like the other Doctors, he would travel in time and space in his TARDIS. Get the look of the centuries-old Time Lord alien with this Third Doctor costume guide.

Before cosplaying the look of the Third Doctor, you’ll need a few key items. Replicate his look with a curly wig, white hairspray, a frilly white shirt, vintage velvet jacket, black pants, black dress shoes, a purple cape, black leather gloves, a gold pinky ring, and a sonic screwdriver to finish the look.

Third Doctor Cosplay Costumes

If you’re having difficulty finding a few of the items to dress up as The Third Doctor, you can get creative by making a cape of fabric or create your very own sonic screwdriver. Couple these homemade accessories with a curly wig, velvet jacket, gold pinky ring, white shirt, and black shoes. No matter what pieces you use to create this costume, we’re sure it’ll look amazing as you jump inside your TARDIS!

The Third Doctor can lead the way to an awesome group costume with friends if you’re looking to do something like that. A great idea would be to grab a few friends willing to dress as the other Doctors and have them all together to showcase each look throughout the years. We’d love to see what you come up with!

Third Doctor Costume Tips & FAQs

Transport yourself into the classic era of “Doctor Who” with our detailed costume guide FAQ, focusing on the Third Doctor, portrayed memorably by Jon Pertwee. Known for his dapper and somewhat flamboyant style, the Third Doctor’s attire is iconic within the series. This guide will assist you in capturing the essence of his unique fashion sense, perfect for “Doctor Who” themed events, conventions, or any gathering where time-traveling elegance is appreciated.

The Third Doctor's outfit is distinguished by its Edwardian flair mixed with a touch of whimsy. Key components include a velvet smoking jacket in colors like green, red, or blue, a frilly or ruffled front shirt, dress trousers, and dress shoes. He often accessorized with a bow tie or a cravat, a cloak, and occasionally a fedora hat. The look is sophisticated, yet bold, reflecting the Third Doctor's charismatic and adventurous personality.

To replicate the Third Doctor's velvet jacket, look for a smoking jacket or a blazer in velvet with a similar cut. The jacket should be single-breasted with a notable lapel. Vintage shops or online specialty stores might have jackets in the right style. Choose a vibrant color like deep green, burgundy, or royal blue to stay true to his look.

The Third Doctor often wore frilly or ruffled front shirts in light colors like white or cream. Look for a dress shirt with a high collar and ruffle detailing. Pair this with a bow tie or a cravat in a color that complements the jacket. The tie can be patterned or plain, but it should stand out as a statement piece.

Essential accessories for a Third Doctor costume include a cloak or cape, often in a dark color with a red lining. A fedora hat can also be added, especially for outdoor events. Additionally, the Third Doctor sometimes carried a sonic screwdriver, which you can include as a prop for an authentic touch.

Incorporating quotes from the Third Doctor can add an authentic and engaging element to your cosplay. Some memorable lines include: "A straight line may be the shortest distance between two points, but it is by no means the most interesting.," "Courage isn't just a matter of not being frightened, you know. It's being afraid and doing what you have to do anyway.," "Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.," "I am a Time Lord. I walk in eternity." and "There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things. Things which act against everything we believe in. They must be fought." These quotes capture the Third Doctor's wisdom, charm, and enigmatic nature, making your portrayal more dynamic and true to character.

About Third Doctor

An intelligent man, the Third Doctor worked for the UNIT as an unpaid scientific advisor and kept working there even after his exile was lifted. Unlike the Doctors before him, The Third Doctor was willing to take his foes head-on and fight them physically. One of those foes happened to be the Master who was a fellow Time Lord. While The Third Doctor considered him a foe, the Third Doctor treated it as a more friendly rivalry and would enjoy the battle of wits.

The Master would sometimes help out the Doctor when it came to people who threatened him, but he always succumbed to the dark forces. The Master and Doctor always remained foes. There was also a time when the Doctor tried to correct a past mistake that involved fighting the Eight Legs of Metebelis III. This had the consequence of being subjected to lethal amounts of radiation, but he eventually regenerated.

Third Doctor

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