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Wooden Nautical Ship Wheel
Navy Blue Captain's Hat
White Life Saving Ring
Dickies Royal Blue Polo
Khaki Canteen with Strap
IZOD Flat Front Chinos
Navy Blue Canvas Sneaker

Best The Skipper Costume Guide

The Skipper is the nickname of Jonas Grumby who starred in the hit TV show Gilligan’s Island. The Skipper was in the Navy and survived World War II. After retiring, he used the money from his commission to purchase a boat named the S.S Minnow. He has a love-hate relationship with his friend and sidekick, Gilligan, whom he continually smacks with his hat. Follow this top cosplay guide before boarding the S.S Minnow.

As a captain in the Navy, even though his job is like a vacation, Skipper dresses is a bit formal. To dress like him, you’ll obviously need to wear the Navy Blue Captain’s hat to maintain your authority. As for the clothes, a simple Dickies Royal Blue Polo and Izod Flat-Front Chinos will do. As for the shoes, a pair of Navy Blue Canvas Sneakers will be the perfect match. Regarding your equipment, a Khaki Canteen With Straps is a must along with your White Life Ring and Wooden Nautical Ship Wheel.

The Skipper Cosplay Costumes

Jonas Grumby, a.k.a. The Skipper is a highly entertaining, yet firm character. He’s authoritative and puts his passenger’s needs above his own. After all, he served in the Navy and his clothes, especially his captain’s hat, reflects that.

To take the cosplay to the next level, pair some other characters from Gilligan’s Island as well to create the ultimate team up. The first choice should be Gilligan himself (duh!). But, gather even more of your friends together and ask them to dress up as Mary Ann Summers, The Professor, and Ginger Grant. Create the ultimate team of island survivors. But if you’re a sucker for even more cosplay ideas, take a look at our other guides which are sure to give you lots of inspiration. And finally, send us pictures of your amazing Skipper cosplay too!

The Skipper Costume Tips & FAQs

Set sail on a nostalgic adventure with our costume guide for Skipper, the well-meaning but often bumbling captain from the classic TV show “Gilligan’s Island.” Portrayed by Alan Hale Jr., Skipper is known for his nautical attire, his fatherly demeanor, and his close bond with Gilligan. His look is perfect for themed parties, retro events, or any gathering where you want to bring a touch of this beloved show to life.

Skipper's outfit is classic and nautical. Essential components include a navy blue or black short-sleeved shirt, khaki pants, and a traditional white sailor's cap. The shirt often has two chest pockets and is tucked into the pants. Skipper also wears a wide black belt and black shoes. His look is practical and fitting for a sea captain.

Skipper has short, somewhat wavy dark hair and a wide, dark mustache that's neatly groomed. To replicate his look, style your hair (or a wig) in a similar fashion, and use a fake mustache if necessary. The key is to capture his approachable and friendly appearance.

Skipper wears simple black shoes, often resembling dress shoes or boat shoes. They should be comfortable and practical, fitting his role as the captain of the S.S. Minnow. The shoes should be well-polished, maintaining a shipshape appearance.

The most important accessory for Skipper's costume is his white sailor's cap, which is iconic to his character. If you're looking to add more detail, you could include nautical-themed accessories like a rope belt or a prop ship's wheel, reflecting his role as a ship's captain.

Skipper is known for his hearty laugh, fatherly advice, and occasional frustration with Gilligan's mishaps. Adopt a jovial, commanding presence and use phrases like: "Gilligan, little buddy!," "Now listen here, Gilligan.," "All hands on deck!," "As your captain, I order you to..." and "Why I oughta..." These lines and a warm, paternal tone capture Skipper's personality as the leader and father figure of the castaways, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this beloved character.

About The Skipper

The Skipper is a lovable character from the CBS sitcom Gilligan’s Island. His origin story is that he was originally part of the Navy and served in World War II. After retiring, he teamed up with Gilligan and started giving tours to Honolulu on his boat the S.S Minnow, with himself as Captain and Gilligan as his first mate.

The Skipper is described to be highly skilled at poker and a great lover of food. He uses his Captain’s hat to justify his authority. He cares very much for the people on his ship, often putting their needs above his. As a leader, he’s just and always does what’s right.

The highlight of this character is his friendship with his friend, Gilligan. Gilligan once saved Skipper’s life which created a bond between them. But, Gilligan is extremely careless and clumsy. He regularly falls on Skipper from palm trees, accidentally hits, and often drops various items on Skipper. Skipper always retaliates by hitting him on the head with his Captain’s cap.

The Skipper

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