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Best Second Doctor Costume Guide

Played by Patrick Troughton, the Second Doctor is the second incarnation of  “The Doctor” from the popular Doctor Who BBC series. Though dark, the Second Doctor is smarter than the other doctors appearing in the series. He is still just as warm and bubbly as the First Doctor. The Second Doctor is interestingly dressed and is a stark contrast to the First Doctor in the series. Get the look of the second incarnation of the Time Lord alien with this Second Doctor costume guide.

If you would like to dress up as this quirky character for Halloween, there are a few items you will need. Wear a blue button-up shirt, bowtie, a pair of checkered pants, and suspenders. Then add on a black sports coat, brown boots, a pocket handkerchief, and a trusty brown journal. You can easily locate these items online or in specialty stores near you.

Second Doctor Cosplay Costumes

If you enjoy the early 20th-century clothing style, or maybe you’re just a fan of the BBC show, Doctor Who, the Second Doctor is an ideal choice for cosplay. While some of the items that make up his costume may be hard to locate in local shops, searching for them online will make this costume even easier to put together. Another option is to ask family or friends for some of the items like the bowtie, checkered pants, and suspenders. The clothes the Second Doctor wears are pretty standard.

If you’re going for a group costume idea why not have your friends go as the Second Doctors companions, Victoria Waterfield and Jaime McCrimmon. Or even one of the other incarnations of the Doctors on the BBC show like the Ninth Doctor and Tenth Doctor. Send a photo or two of your Doctor Who costume so you can be featured on the main page.

Second Doctor Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the whimsical and cunning world of the Second Doctor from the iconic British sci-fi series “Doctor Who.” Known for his playful yet sharp-witted character, the Second Doctor, portrayed by Patrick Troughton, brings a unique charm and intelligence to the role. This guide will help you recreate his distinctive look, which combines a slightly disheveled Edwardian style with a touch of cosmic quirkiness.

The Second Doctor's outfit is characterized by its slightly scruffy, eccentric Edwardian appearance. Essential components include a black frock coat that's a bit too big for him, giving a slightly unkempt look, and dark trousers. Underneath, he typically wears a white wing-collared shirt with a black bow tie or a cravat. His look is completed with a pair of black, ankle-high Chelsea boots and often a bumbling, oversized grey checkered or houndstooth trousers.

The Second Doctor sports a mop of untidy, curly dark hair. If your hair isn't similar, consider using a curly dark wig that you can tousle to achieve his disheveled look. The Second Doctor's facial expression often carries a mischievous or thoughtful expression, so practicing a range of expressions from playful to contemplative can enhance your portrayal.

Key accessories for the Second Doctor include his trademark recorder, which he often plays when pondering a problem or simply for amusement. Additionally, having a vintage-style pocket watch and a pair of round-rimmed spectacles can add authenticity to the costume, reflecting the Doctor's quirky and thoughtful nature.

To accurately portray the Second Doctor, focus on his playful yet thoughtful demeanor. He often uses humor and wit to navigate tricky situations. Emulate his characteristic movements, such as his playful skipping or sudden, animated gestures, which reflect his energetic and eccentric personality.

Incorporating quotes from the Second Doctor can add an extra layer of authenticity to your portrayal. Some memorable lines include: "When I say run, run. RUN!," "Oh my giddy aunt!," "There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things... things which act against everything that we believe in. They must be fought." and "Your leader will be angry if you kill me... I'm a genius!." These quotes capture the Second Doctor's whimsical yet brave and intelligent character, making them perfect for bringing his persona to life in your cosplay.

About Second Doctor

The Second Doctor is the first regeneration of the Time Lord alien known only as the Doctor in the popular BBC television series. For a time he traveled with his predecessor companions before meeting his own friends and bringing them on his adventures through time and space on the TARDIS. After years of adventures, his story came to an end when he called his fellow Time Lords to help fight against the War Lords.

The Doctor was condemned to exile on Earth and to a new body by his fellow Time Lords. While the Celestial Intervention Agency was able to stave off his execution, they asked in return for his service to their organization for his remaining lifespan. For the rest of his life, the Second Doctor worked on covert missions for the CIA and lived in luxury until needing to once again regenerate in the late 1960’s as the Third Doctor.

Second Doctor

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