How to Dress Like The Red Hood

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Red Hood Mask
Arkham Knight Red Hood Jacket and Vest
Spring Powered Pistol
Special Ops Full Finger Tactical Gloves
Phantom OPS Tactical Pants
Condor Tactical Belt
Shin Guard Armor
Left Handed Leg Holster
Right Handed Leg Holster
Halloween Walker-130 Boots

Best The Red Hood Costume Guide

Put on the original red helmet to dress up as The Red Hood, the murderous antihero who hates Batman, as portrayed in Arkham Knight. Red Hood is now Jason Todd, Batman’s former sidekick, who was originally killed by the original Red Hood, The Joker. Help Batman defeat Scarecrow dressed in a Red Hood Mask, Arkham Knight Red Hood Jacket and Vest, Phantom OPS Tactical Pants, Special Ops Full Finger Tactical Gloves, and Halloween Walker-130 Boots. Get armed to go up against Black Mask with Condor Tactical Belt, Shin Guard Armor, Right and Left Handed Leg Holsters, and Spring Powered Pistols.

The Red Hood Cosplay Costumes

The Red Hood is a purveyor of justice on the streets of Gotham, and now he can be your next cosplay costume. Just throw on a Red Hood leather jacket, black tactical pants, and black leather boots, and you’ll look ready to battle any villain that crosses your path.

Make your costume look even more super by wearing a Red Hood mask. You can even throw on some shin guard armor and leg holsters for some extra toughness. Want to cosplay with a couple of friends? Have them dress up like Batman and the Joker. Check out these cosplayers dressed as the Red Hood to see just how fearsome you’ll look in this costume.

The Red Hood Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the dark and complex world of “Arkham Knight” by dressing up as The Red Hood, one of the game’s most intriguing characters. Our costume guide FAQ is crafted to help you accurately recreate The Red Hood’s formidable and mysterious appearance, essential for fans and cosplayers alike who wish to embody this anti-hero’s unique style.

The Red Hood's costume in "Arkham Knight" is known for its tactical and armored appearance. It includes a distinctive red helmet with a black mask covering the eyes, a leather jacket (often depicted as brown or black) with armored plates, a black undershirt, tactical gloves, combat boots, and a utility belt with holsters. The outfit exudes a sense of ruggedness and preparedness, fitting for a vigilante.

The Red Hood's helmet is a crucial part of the costume. You can either purchase a replica online or craft one using materials like foam, plastic, or fiberglass. The helmet should be red with a black, opaque visor. Pay attention to the shape and detailing to capture its iconic look accurately.

The Red Hood wears a leather jacket that is often armored. To replicate this, use a brown or black leather or faux-leather jacket. You can add armor pieces made from craft foam or lightweight plastic. These should be painted and attached to the jacket to mimic the armored look seen in the game.

Accessories are key for The Red Hood's costume. He typically carries two guns in holsters attached to his utility belt. Replica guns (non-functional) can be found in costume stores or online. Additionally, include black tactical gloves and combat boots to complete the look. Remember to check local laws and convention rules regarding costume weapons to ensure compliance and safety.

Incorporating quotes or poses from "Arkham Knight" can add depth to your Red Hood costume. Some memorable lines include: "You always told me, Bruce... focus on what I want to achieve and it'll happen.," "I'm not your sidekick anymore.," and "You're no hero, no savior, you failed me, and now you're gonna fail Gotham the same way." Striking a pose with the guns or standing with a determined look can also capture The Red Hood's intense and driven character.

About the Red Hood

The Red Hood is the alias of Jason Todd; a former street orphan turned vigilante. Jason lived on the streets until he was fifteen years old, when he met Batman and saved him from the Joker. Batman took Jason under his wing, teaching him how to fight and declaring him the new Robin. Although he was a good mentee, Jason had an affinity for disobeying Batman’s orders and going off on missions on his own.

After being kidnapped and brainwashed by the Joker, Jason developed a hatred for Batman. He planned to destroy Gotham and kill Batman in revenge for what he saw as Batman abandoning him. When the time came for him to enact his plan, however, Batman was able to convince him to come back to the good side. After helping Batman defeat the Scarecrow and save Gotham, Jason took on the identity of the Red Hood.

The Red Hood

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