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Best Reaper Costume Guide

The Reaper is a hero in the Blizzard Entertainment game, Overwatch, that is a deadly assassin. With ghost-like movements, the black-robed mercenary will ruthlessly kill showing no loyalty to any organization. Is he a ghost with a craving for dead souls? Or is a man with an insatiable thirst for revenge? Whatever he may be, death follows. Many believe the Reaper is hunting and killing former Overwatch agents. Here’s how you can dress like him with The Reaper costume guide.

Cosplay The Reaper with a simple Black Athletic Shirt and a pair of Men’s Compression Pants. Next, wear a Black Hooded Cape so people don’t recognize what approaches them. Finally, put on the Reaper Shoes and the Reaper Costume Props. Now you’re ready start leaving lifeless bodies of your most hateful enemies behind!

Reaper Cosplay Costumes

If you’re going to dress up like The Reaper, you’ll need to embrace your dark side. But this character from the video game Overwatch is not “just another” character. To do him justice, simply dressing up like him is not sufficient enough. You must learn to absorb the souls of common mortals! But as much of a dominating assassin the Reaper can be, he doesn’t operate alone. Yes, in close quarters there is no beating his effective. But what about additional support?

Bring together your gamer friends and ask them to cosplay their favorite Overwatch heroes. All characters, no matter how evil, attract others. Your friends can dress up as the Reaper’s arch-enemy, the infamous Soldier: 76, McCree, Tracer, Widowmaker, D.Va, or any of the other 20 playable characters in Overwatch. The possibilities are endless. Submit a photo of you dressed up like The Reaper to be posted to the cosplay gallery!

Reaper Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the action-packed and futuristic world of The Reaper from the popular Blizzard Entertainment game “Overwatch” with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. This guide is dedicated to helping you recreate the menacing and mysterious look of this iconic character, known for his lethal skills and dark aesthetic. We’ll explore the essential elements of The Reaper’s attire, focusing on his signature combat-ready style, which combines tactical gear with a touch of supernatural flair.

The Reaper's costume is a striking mix of tactical gear and gothic elements, reflecting his status as a deadly assassin. The central piece is a black, long-tailed coat or trench coat, which adds a dramatic effect to his movements. Underneath the coat, wear a black tactical vest or body armor. The Reaper's costume includes a pair of black combat pants and heavy-duty combat boots. His signature mask is skull-shaped, white, and covers the entire face, creating a terrifying visage. Completing the look are black gloves and The Reaper's iconic dual shotguns, which should be replicated with safe, non-functional props.

To replicate The Reaper's mask, you can purchase a replica online or create a DIY version using materials like foam, plastic, or papier-mâché, painted white to resemble a skull. The mask should cover the entire face and have eye holes for visibility. For the dual shotguns, look for toy replicas or craft them from materials like foam or cardboard, ensuring they are clearly non-functional and safe for cosplay use.

The Reaper wears sturdy, black combat boots that are both practical for combat and add to his intimidating appearance. The boots should have a rugged design, with a reinforced toe and a heavy tread, and can be laced up or have straps for a secure fit.

Key details for The Reaper's costume include his ammunition belts and shotgun shells, which can be added to the tactical vest or coat. These can be crafted from foam or purchased as costume accessories. Additionally, The Reaper's gloves should be tactical in style, often with reinforced knuckles.

Incorporating quotes from The Reaper can add depth to your portrayal. Some memorable ones include: "Death walks among you.," "I am the angel of death.," "From the shadows.," "Repositioning." and "Die, die, die!." These quotes capture The Reaper's ominous and deadly character, reflecting his role as a fearsome combatant in "Overwatch." Using these quotes can help in creating an authentic and intimidating portrayal of The Reaper.

About Reaper

Gabriel Reyes, a senior army officer, was Jack Morrison’s commanding officer when both joined Overwatch. However, Jack Morrison was the one inspiring and motivating the team. The UN saw this and made Jack the first commanding officer of the Overwatch team. Reyes didn’t like this. He became more cynical and spiteful towards the organization. And it wasn’t long after a deadly fight with Morrison, that Reyes adopted the persona of The Reaper.

Now, he is barely recognizable as a man in the Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch. His weapons of choice are his trusty twin shotguns. His deadliest move is the “Death Blossom” in which he moves in a whirlwind, emptying his shotguns on enemies at breakneck speed! He lurks through shadows and can turn into smoke, becoming immune to bullets and attacks of any kind. Where he goes, death follows close behind!


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