How to Dress Like The Question

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The Question Costume Guide
Navy Pea Coat
Black Chino Pants
Vest & Tie Combo
Dress Shirt
Head Cover
Leather Gloves
Dress Shoes

Best The Question Halloween Costume Guide

The Question is a superhero created by DC Comics. He was born with the real name of Charles Victor Szasz but later on grew up to build an identity as Vic Sage. He is better known as the latter. As a television investigative journalist, Sage encountered a lot of stories that he couldn’t further inspect without going against the law or going through a lot of red tape. Because of this, he wore a faceless mask and assumed the identity of The Question. As The Question, he was able to investigate all the things he couldn’t as Vic Sage, all in the face of real, life-threatening danger. Get the look of the crime-fighting journalist in this The Question costume guide.

Cosplay The Question’s mysterious look with a Fedora, a Head Cover, a Dress Shirt, a Vest, and Tie Combo, Black Chino Pants, a Navy Pea Coat, Dress Shoes, and Leather Gloves.


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