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Best Pink Ranger Costume Guide

Girls in the 90s wanted to dress as the Pink Power Ranger, and to this day Kimberly Ann Hart is still one of the most loved characters from the show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Kimberly Ann Hart may have been just a valley girl in the beginning, but she later grew into a loving and mature Power Ranger protecting the earth from any danger that attempted to destroy it! Get the complete look of the pink Power Ranger with this costume guide.

You can get the look of Kimberly Ann Hart with a Pink Power Ranger Morphsuit Costume, Pink Ranger Helmet, Pink Ranger PVC, Power Morpher, and a pair of White Vans. Pink is the perfect color for Kimberly, and we all know that the colors of the Power Rangers have a strong connection to each person.

Pink Ranger Cosplay Costumes

Get ready to morph! If you’ve decided on the super popular Pink Power Ranger for your cosplay, we don’t blame you—she’s a favorite among Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! We have found all of the pieces you need to quickly put this costume together! Let’s get started so you’re ready to be the best-dressed Power Ranger at the party!

Start recreating the look of Kimberly Ann Hart’s Pink Power Ranger outfit with a Pink Power Ranger Morphsuit costume. This single item brings the look together with the simplicity of a bodysuit. Morph into that suit and kick on a pair of white tennis shoes. For your weapon, you’ll absolutely need the Pink Power Ranger PVC crossbow. Kimberly wouldn’t go anywhere without it and you shouldn’t either! Keep your trusty Power Morpher with you and finish the look with your Pink Power Ranger helmet. Now that you have morphed into the pink Power Ranger, submit us a quick picture of your look!

Pink Ranger Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of “Power Rangers” with our Pink Ranger costume guide FAQ. As a beloved and iconic member of the Power Rangers team, the Pink Ranger is known for her agility, compassion, and determination. This guide is designed to help you recreate the Pink Ranger’s distinctive look, perfect for fans and cosplayers who aspire to embody the grace and strength of this character.

The Pink Ranger's costume is a vibrant pink spandex suit adorned with a unique diamond pattern across the chest, arms, and legs. A white belt with a Power Rangers morpher buckle is a critical accessory. The ensemble is completed with a pink helmet that features a pterodactyl motif and a black visor.

For the Pink Ranger's helmet, you can start with a base helmet like a motorcycle or sports helmet and customize it with paint and craft materials to achieve the pterodactyl design and visor details. Alternatively, you can find pre-made Pink Ranger helmets online for a more convenient option.

The Pink Ranger wears pink boots with white accents that coordinate with the diamond pattern on the suit. If exact replicas are hard to come by, modify a pair of plain pink boots with white tape or paint to mimic the pattern.

The Pink Ranger, renowned for her gymnastic skills, often incorporates acrobatic moves into her fighting style. Practicing basic martial arts stances and poses, along with some gymnastic or agile movements, will add an authentic touch to your portrayal.

To capture the essence of the Pink Ranger, include some of her iconic lines and actions: "Pterodactyl Dinozord Power!," "It's morphin' time!," "Time for some girl power!" and "Let's do it, team!." These phrases and actions reflect the Pink Ranger's enthusiasm, her role in summoning her Dinozord, and her commitment to teamwork and empowerment, making them ideal for a faithful portrayal.

About Pink Ranger

Rita Repulsa attacked Earth and in doing so activated the Power Rangers. Kimberly Ann Hart was one of the original Power Rangers to be chosen to stop Rita from destroying Earth. She officially became the original Pink Power Ranger! Along with her best friends that became Power Rangers as well, Kimberly picked up a few special skills and quickly became a beloved character on the Fox TV show.

Some of Kimberly’s personal skills that she showed off from time-to-time included her talent as a gymnast, which helped in their fight to save the world. She was quite the artist and musician as well. Each Power Ranger has their own special skills and talents, and Kimberly’s personality and lifestylefit perfectly. Kimberly has a sweet spot for her friends and would do anything for them, but that doesn’t stop her from shooting out a sarcastic comment from time to time!

Pink Ranger

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