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Best The Master (Missy) Costume Guide

The Master is a recurring character in the legendary Doctor Who BBC series, who has appeared in many guises over the years. Here though, we’re talking about The Master from the eighth series, who is presented as a female incarnation called “Missy” played by Michelle Gomez. The Master is the arch-enemy of Doctor Who, a Timelord, and like any good villain has the goal of controlling the universe. What would a supervillain be without desires of world domination? Get the look of Mistress from the eighth series with this The Master “Missy” costume guide.

Doctor Who series eight is the first time the Master has taken a female form. To cosplay the evil Timelord Missy you should wear a Long Trench Coat Jacket, Simple Button Down Shirt, Women’s Silky Tights, Women’s Fashion Boots, and a Flat Top Hat. Add the necessary accessories with a Large Windproof Umbrella and Necklace Pendant Brooch.

The Master (Missy) Cosplay Costumes

If you’re a fan of the BBC show, Doctor Who, and we suspect there are millions of you out there, Missy is a great character to dress up like. Cosplay is a very gender-neutral activity, however, it is awesome to see a female version of The Master for ladies to have the opportunity to dress as the Doctor’s nemesis. The classy Victorian look of Missy is sure to impress.

There have been eight different incarnations of The Master since the show’s inception, so how about you grab some friends and show up to your next costume party as an octet of Masters! We’re not sure if all The Masters have appeared in a single place before, so here’s your chance to make history and have a fun time doing it.

The Master (Missy) Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the captivating and complex world of “Doctor Who” with our costume guide FAQ for The Master, specifically in the incarnation known as Missy. Missy, the female version of the long-standing antagonist The Master, is known for her eccentric, stylish, and slightly sinister demeanor. This guide will help you recreate her iconic look, perfect for fans of the series who appreciate the character’s unique blend of charisma and mischief.

Missy's outfit is a modern take on Victorian style, exuding both elegance and a hint of malevolence. Her signature look includes a dark, tailored Victorian-style dress with a high collar and a cinched waist, often in black or dark purple. Over this, she wears a long, dark coat that adds to her commanding presence. The coat typically has red lining, adding a pop of color and character. Missy is rarely seen without her distinctive black, wide-brimmed hat, which adds to her mysterious aura.

Missy has a distinctive look with her short, dark hair, usually styled in an elegant, slightly curly bob. This hairstyle can be achieved with your own hair or a wig. Her makeup is sophisticated, with a focus on defined eyebrows, dark eyeliner, and red lipstick, reflecting her bold and confident personality.

Missy wears Victorian-style ankle boots with a slight heel, often in black. The boots are both stylish and practical, fitting her dynamic and unpredictable nature. Choose boots that are sleek and have a vintage feel to them.

Key accessories for a Missy costume include her unique umbrella with a handle shaped like a question mark, symbolizing the character's enigmatic and whimsical nature. She also often wears dark gloves and carries a small, old-fashioned handbag. These accessories complete her Victorian-inspired, time-traveling villainess look.

Bringing Missy's character to life in cosplay can be enriched with her memorable quotes: "I'm Missy. Short for Mistress. Well... couldn't very well keep calling myself The Master, now could I?" "Say something nice.," "Oh, don't be so slow. It's embarrassing. Who could fool you like this? Who could hide right under your nose? Who could change their face anytime they want? Hmmm? You see, I'm not dead. I'm in disguise. I've tricked you, again. I'm alive.," "Killing's a bit of a hobby for me. At least, it's more of a lifestyle choice." and "You know what I hate about the obvious? Missing it!." These quotes embody Missy's cunning wit, her playful yet dangerous demeanor, and her complex relationship with identity, making them perfect for adding depth to your portrayal.

About The Master (Missy)

The Master is Doctor Who’s arch-nemesis who is hell-bent on controlling the world, something the good Doctor cannot allow to happen. Many actors have portrayed The Master since 1971, however, the latest “Missy” version is played by actor Michelle Gomez in the popular BBC series. Missy is actually short for “Mistress” and is a renegade alien Timelord.

The Master is intelligent, often using extremely manipulative ploys to get her way, such as offering her army of Cybermen to the Doctor in order to compromise him. She even saved Doctor Who’s life once, only to try and trick him into killing an ally. In a strange twist, Missy is captured and promises the Doctor she will be good and is true to her word. This ultimately leads to her death at the hands of a previous incarnation of The Master, played by John Simm.

The Master (Missy)

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