How to Dress Like The Man in Black

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Crushed Felt Outback Hat
Classic Cashmere Winter Scarf
Fake Rubber Knife
Long Sleeve Suit Coat
Dress Vest Waistcoat
Long Sleeve Henley Shirt
Loose Straight-Leg Jean
Wild West Metal Cap Gun
Roper Western Boot

Best Man in Black Costume Guide

The Man in Black is played by Ed Harris on the HBO show Westworld. He makes his first appearance a few episodes into the show, but everyone is already trying to figure him out. The Man in Black isn’t afraid of anything, and no one stands a chance while he has a gun in his hand. Even his cigars are an explosion in disguise.

The Man in Black’s costume is classy yet simple. You need a black outback hat, a striped long sleeve suit, a cashmere winter scarf, a suit dress vest, vintage long-sleeve Henley shirt, Heritage Roper Western boots, a wild west cap gun, Levi’s straight-leg jeans, and a fake rubber knife. He may be new to the television world, but the show has had such great ratings that everyone will know exactly which mysterious character you are dressing as.

Man in Black Cosplay Costumes

The Man in Black is full of mystery, swagger, and gunslinging talent. He keeps his attire classic with a little bit of an edge, so that everyone knows that he’s not one to be taken lightly. You can get his outfit and strut your stuff just like he does in the western world of Westworld Park. Start with the basics: a black, striped long sleeve suit, a British style casual suit vest, a vintage long sleeve Henley shirt, Levi’s Men’s 569 Loose Straight-Leg Jeans, and Heritage Roper western boots.

To add the edge that is the Man in Black you should include a Woolrich Men’s Crushed Felt Outback Hat, a Veronz Soft Classic Cashmere Winter Scarf, a Wild West metal cap gun, and a fake rubber knife. Put a little swagger in your step and a mysterious look on your face and you have officially stepped into the role of the Man in Black.

Man in Black Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the intriguing and complex world of the Man in Black from “Westworld” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Designed for fans looking to embody this enigmatic character, our guide focuses on capturing his distinctive Western-style attire mixed with a hint of his dark, mysterious persona. From the iconic black hat to the intricate details of his outfit, we’ll help you recreate the Man in Black’s look with precision and authenticity.

The Man in Black's costume is quintessentially Western and dark. Key components include a black cowboy hat, a black western-style shirt, a black vest, black trousers, a black duster coat, a dark holster and belt, and black cowboy boots. The outfit is often adorned with small, intricate details that add to its rugged and worn look.

Look for a wide-brimmed black cowboy hat made of felt or leather, which is a staple of the Man in Black's attire. For the duster coat, search for a long, black coat preferably made from a heavy, durable material like canvas or leather. If necessary, you can age these items with distressing techniques to give them a more worn and authentic appearance.

The Man in Black's shirt should be a black, button-down, Western-style shirt with subtle details like snap buttons or embroidery. The vest is typically black, tailored, and may have additional features like pockets or decorative buttons. His trousers should be black, fitting in a straight or slightly slim cut, to maintain the Western aesthetic.

The Man in Black's costume is often accompanied by a dark gun belt with a holster and a period-appropriate revolver, which are central to his character's image. Additionally, consider including a black bandana or necktie and a silver pocket watch to add depth to the costume. Remember, these should be props only, especially in public or at events.

Incorporating quotes from the Man in Black can add an extra layer of depth to your cosplay. Some notable lines include: "The maze isn't meant for you.," "I've been coming here for 30 years, but you still don't remember me, do you?," "This world doesn't belong to them; it belongs to us.," "I'm not a good guy; and I'm not a bad guy. I'm just here to find the end of the maze." and "Winning doesn't mean anything unless someone else loses." These quotes reflect the Man in Black's complex character, his philosophical depth, and his relentless pursuit of his goals within the world of "Westworld."

About Man in Black

The Man in Black is a character played by Ed Harris on the new television show, Westworld that is receiving incredible ratings. The Man in Black hasn’t revealed his real name just yet, but we have learned some valuable information about him. So far, he is unstoppable and unbeatable as a gunslinger. He has bullets that can bust through a full stone wall and cigars that can blow up any building in the Westworld park.

The Man in Black is mysterious and we’re not sure how trustworthy he is, but he sure is entertaining to watch in action. He can hit any target that he aims for from any distance he has yet to attempt. The Man for short, has been attending the Westworld park for around thirty years, although we’re still trying to figure out exactly what his motives may be. He wears black from head to toe- his attire is just as mysterious as the man who wears them.

Man in Black

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