How to Dress Like the Joker

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Green Fluffy Curly Hair
Joker Multicolor Tie
Purple Trench Coat
Joker Cosplay Hexagon Shirt
Green Costume Vest
Mehron White Clown Makeup
Joker Tac Force Knife
Joker Purple Gloves
Tinsley Transfers Smiley
Joker Costume Socks
Straight Fit Flat Front Pants

Best Joker Costume Guide

Get in costume as the Joker, played by Heath Ledger, from the movie The Dark Knight. As the archenemy of Batman, Joker is the maniacal criminal mastermind that terrorizes Gotham City with the goal of plunging it into total anarchy. Dress up like the schizophrenic clown with a Joker Cosplay Hexagon Shirt, Joker Multicolor Tie, Straight Fit Flat Front Purple Pants, Straight Fit Flat Front Purple Pants, a pair of Joker Costume Socks, Green Costume Vest, and Purple Wool Trench Coat. Get the serious look by adding Green Fluffy Curly Hair, Tinsley Transfers Smiley, and Mehron Clown White Makeup. Accessorize with Joker Purple Gloves, Joker’s Cane, and his Purple and Green Joker Tac Force Knife.

Joker Cosplay Costumes

There’s practically no other villain that is as well known as the Joker happens to be. There are many versions of the Joker out there but if you’re interested in the Heath Ledger version from the movie, The Dark Knight Rises, then you’ve come to the right place. The Joker is an evil mastermind and if you want to get his look, you’ll need to also accompany his outfit with his twisted personality. You can make his personality stand out by cosplaying with a group and perhaps facing off against someone dressed as Batman. If you do stage a makeshift fight against these two, we’d love to see some photos from it to display on our site!

The things you’ll need for Joker are a green curly wig, a Joker multicolor tie, purple wool trench coat, Joker cosplay Hexagon shirt, a green costume vest, white clown makeup, a purple and green Joker knife, Joker purple gloves, Tinsley Transfers Smiley to get his scarred smile, Joker costume socks and purple dress pants.

Joker Costume Tips & FAQs

Delve into the chaotic and mesmerizing world of the Joker from “The Dark Knight” with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. This guide is meticulously designed to help you capture the enigmatic and unsettling presence of one of Batman’s most notorious adversaries, ensuring your portrayal is as hauntingly memorable as the character himself.

The Joker's costume in "The Dark Knight" is both distinctive and unsettling. It includes a long, purple coat over a green vest, a patterned shirt, and a dark-colored tie. The trousers are usually pinstriped, and the ensemble is completed with a pair of black dress shoes. The look is iconic for its disheveled yet calculated appearance, embodying the character's chaotic nature.

The Joker's makeup is integral to his look. Use white face paint as a base, dark black around the eyes, and red for his exaggerated smile, often smudged to appear more disturbing. His hair is green, messy, and unkempt. You can achieve this by either temporarily dyeing your hair green or using a green wig, styled to look disordered.

The key to the Joker's coat is its purple color and somewhat vintage style, often with a velvet or similar texture. Accessorize with a green vest, a patterned shirt, and a dark tie to match the character's look in the movie. Gloves, usually purple, add to the dramatic flair. A Joker card or a fake weapon like a knife can serve as props to enhance the costume.

The trousers should ideally be pinstriped, in a color that complements the purple coat. They should fit well but not too tightly. For shoes, choose black, polished dress shoes to add to the character's eccentric yet formal appearance.

Incorporating some of the Joker's quotes can add authenticity to your costume. Memorable lines from "The Dark Knight" include: "Why so serious?," "Let’s put a smile on that face!," "I believe whatever doesn't kill you, simply makes you... stranger.," "It's not about money, it's about sending a message. Everything burns!" and "Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I'm an agent of chaos." These quotes capture the Joker's menacing and unpredictable nature, as well as his philosophical and anarchic outlook.

About Joker

Joker’s history is not really known as there are many stories and theories out there about where he came from. It’s not even known exactly how he came to look as disfigured as he does with different ideas being thrown around. The one thing that is known about the character though is that he has a very longstanding past with crime. When Joker was first introduced to the world, he was nothing more than just a homicidal maniac but he slowly evolved his character and became known for a little more than his evil crimes. The one person that the Joker finds worth fighting is none other than the hero of Gotham known as Batman. He has even made a statement saying that they’ll most likely always fight until the day they die. Joker is evil, pure and simple. The crimes he has committed in the comics and movies shows that he holds almost no remorse for anyone and he’s willing to do almost anything he pleases no matter how disturbing it may be.


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