How to Dress Like the Ice King

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Regal King Crown
White Wig And Beard
7" Long Latex Fake Nose
Pale Blue Classic Face Paint
Long Kimono Bathrobe
Ruby Pyramid Gem Stickers

Best Ice King Costume Guide

Dress up like Ice King, who’s real name is Simon Petrikov, from the animated TV series Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. The Ice King typically kidnaps a princess, like Princess Bubblegum, and forces her to marry him, which Finn foils. Though his magic is contained within his crown, it is also the source of his mental instability. Get a cosplay costume like Ice King with a Regal King Crown, Ruby Pyramid Gem Stickers, White Wig And Beard, Long Kimono Bathrobe, 7″ Long Latex Fake Nose, and Pale Blue Classic Face Paint.

Ice King Cosplay Costumes

A great costume that you can cosplay with friends is none other than the Ice King, especially if your friends go as Jake and Finn. If you happen to have long white hair and beard, you’re already on your way to looking like the Ice King! If you don’t, you may be able to find a white wig and beard set at your local costume shop or online. Pair that with a long fake nose to really complete the look. What else you may need is a regal crown, some ruby stickers to place on it and some pale blue paint to cover your face and perhaps your whole body if you want to go the extra mile. The last piece to complete this ensemble is something you may already own and that would be a blue kimono bathrobe. This is also relatively easy to find if you don’t have one in your possession though. After donning your bathrobe, you’ll be ready to start capturing princesses in no time (we highly recommend to not actually kidnap any princesses). What you can do though is check out the other photos we have of the Ice King cosplay on here in order to start brainstorming some ideas! Don’t forget to send over some photos so we can see the great work that you did!

Ice King Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the mystical and comical world of “Adventure Time” with our in-depth costume guide FAQ for Ice King. This guide is perfect for fans and cosplayers looking to embody the complex and whimsical character of Ice King, ensuring your portrayal is as authentic and memorable as the character himself.

Ice King's costume is distinctive and magical. The key components include a long, dark blue tunic, a pointy, red jewel-embedded golden crown, and a long, flowing white beard. He also wears dark blue trousers and black shoes. For added authenticity, you can carry a scepter-like object to represent his magical ice powers.

Ice King's crown is a crucial part of his look. You can create it using craft materials like foam sheets or cardboard, painting it gold and adorning it with a large red jewel in the center, which can be made from colored glass or plastic. There are also pre-made replicas available online.

For makeup, use white face paint to mimic Ice King's pale, bluish skin tone. His eyebrows are thick and black, so accentuate yours accordingly. The long, flowing white beard is essential; if you can't grow one, consider a high-quality theatrical beard. Don't forget his blue, pointy nose, which can be achieved with makeup or a prosthetic.

Ice King has a unique body shape with a round belly. You can create this look using padding or a pillow under the tunic. Make sure the tunic is loose enough to accommodate the padding while keeping the costume's shape.

Including Ice King's quotes will definitely bring your costume to life. Here are some iconic ones: "I am the king of cool! I am the king of ice!," "I'm not a bad person, I just have a lot of layers.," "You're just jealous because I sound like a rockstar.," "Gunter! Who told you you could fly?" and "I just wanted to be loved..." These quotes reflect Ice King's quirky, sometimes melancholic personality and his desperate quest for attention and affection, adding depth to your portrayal.

About Ice King

You may recognize the Ice King as one of the main characters on the ever popular show, Adventure Time but this villain has quite an interesting backstory. Once a handsome and young researcher, the Ice King has been through many perils and tragedies in his life that help explains who he has become as a person. As you first watch the show, you may think of him as any typical old villain but it became quite clear that he’s anything but. The Ice King is a character with plenty of depth and meaning to who he is in the show. While he may commit things that seem like evil plots, they are anything but underneath. The real reason for why he does the things he does is because he’s lonely and he craves friendship and a happy family. While he may play the role of the evil villain quite well on the surface, he’s truly a complex character underneath it all.

Ice King

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