How to Dress Like The Governor

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London Fog Men's Zip-Front Golf Jacket
Dickies Men's Long-Sleeve Work Shirt
Flents Eye Patch
Timex Casual Watch
Dockers Men's Comfort Cargo D3 Classic-Fit Flat-Front Pant
UTG Deluxe Commando Belt Holster
Carhartt Men's Anvil Leather Belt
Silver 150 FPS Spring Loaded Power Airsoft Gun
Rockport Men's Ridge Valley Lace-Up Boot
SG Steyr AUG A2 Airsoft Rifle

Best The Governor Costume Guide

Of the Greatest Comic Book Villains of All Time, The Walking Dead comic book and television character’s, the Governor, is perfect for cosplay for anyone with an inner ruthlessness they’re wanting to embrace. Follow this complete guide to get a top-notch Governor look.

Start with a London Fog Zip-Front Golf Jacket over a Dickies Men’s Long-Sleeve Work Shirt. Then, pair them with Dockers Classic-Fit Cargo Pant belted with a Carhartt Anvil Leather Belt and a rugged pair of Rockport Ridge Valley Lace-Up Boots. To add the right weapons, pick out a UTG Deluxe Commando Belt Holster to hold a Silver Power Airsoft Gun. To take the Governor’s weapon selection to the next level, add a SG Steyr AUG A2 Airsoft Rifle and Rubber Trainer Knife. Lastly, add the finishing touch with a Flents Eye Patch and Timex Casual Watch.

The Governor Cosplay Costumes

The best thing about cosplaying the Governor at your convention is the look can be simple or more detailed by adding more accessories like the guide above. For a simpler look, keep your clothing dark. A dark shirt and pants with a dark jacket will suffice. Obviously, you’ll need an eye patch to really sell your look. But, this can easily be picked up at a local costume shop. While you’re there, you can pick up a toy assault rifle as well.

The Governor is largely responsible for the deaths of many. For group cosplay endeavors, you can go with any number of The Walking Dead characters. Or it might be fun to surround him with the characters he’s killed—Mike, Terry, and even Lt. Welles. Of course, for couples cosplaying, you can have someone go as Andrea. Be sure to check out the featured cosplay pics for more costume ideas. Send in your pictures and show us your look!

The Governor Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the complex and often chilling world of “The Walking Dead” with our costume guide FAQ for The Governor, the charismatic and ruthless leader from the series. Known for his polished yet deceptive appearance and his role as a primary antagonist, The Governor’s outfit reflects his attempt to maintain a facade of civility in a post-apocalyptic world. This guide is designed for fans looking to capture the essence of The Governor’s character, blending sophistication with an underlying sense of menace, at cosplay events, themed parties, or any gathering celebrating the gripping narrative of “The Walking Dead.”

The Governor's outfit is characterized by its deceptive normalcy and understated authority. Key components include a dark long-sleeve button-up shirt, often in shades of blue or gray, dark trousers, and a casual but neat jacket or blazer. He is often seen wearing a leather belt and dark, polished shoes. The Governor's look is completed with his neatly styled hair, and as his character evolves, an eye patch over his right eye becomes a signature element.

The Governor has short, neatly styled hair. To achieve this look, use a wig styled in a clean and conservative manner, or style your own hair to be short and well-groomed. The key is to maintain a look of controlled sophistication.

The Governor wears dark, polished dress shoes, which reflect his attempt to maintain a semblance of pre-apocalypse normalcy. Choose shoes that are classic and comfortable, complementing the semi-formal aspect of his attire.

Key accessories for a The Governor costume include an eye patch, which becomes iconic to his character following an injury. Additionally, props like a replica handgun or a watch can add to the authenticity of the costume, reflecting his leadership position and readiness for both diplomacy and violence.

The Governor is known for his manipulative and sometimes chilling dialogue. Here are some memorable quotes: "In this life now, you kill or you die. Or you die and you kill." "I'm a better man than your father." "You can lose a lot of soldiers but still win the game." "We can still come back. We're not too far gone." and "I thought you were a cop, not a lawyer." These quotes capture The Governor's complex nature, his survival philosophy, and his ability to justify his actions, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this character.

About The Governor

A brilliant strategist and consummate survivor, the Governor is the undisputed leader of his group. He is charismatic, even charming. He has a way with words and can talk himself out sticky situations. He is possessive in his desire to protect his group. He was born for a great destiny, or so he believes. Yet, he seems only destined for is chaos and abuse.

He’s a man that is cunning and cruel. A savage and man of many secrets, the Governor kills to protect his people. In his defense, he was raised in an abusive home and still managed to live a life as a loving family man. But his wife was killed, and then came his deadly outbreak. His beloved daughter died, and his loss was so deep that he kept her reanimated body locked away and hidden from everyone. That was his final break, his final crossover to pure psychotic actions. Ruthless and armed with the belief that he is a type of messiah, the Governor leads himself and countless others to their brutal deaths.

The Governor

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