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Striped T-Shirt
Men's Pants
Flat Cap
Leather Gloves
Pipe Wrench
Men's Boot

Best The Goon Costume Guide

A brute figure and mob enforcer, The Goon is the title character of the comic book series, The Goon, created by Eric Powell. The Goon was orphaned as a child and taken in by his Aunt Kizzie. He grew up at the circus freak show where his aunt lived. There, he felt real love and belonging for the first time. A mobster on the run named Labrazio ended up at the very same circus. This resulted in a shoot-out that resulted in The Goon’s aunt being shot and killed. The Goon promptly killed Labrazio and began living the life of fighting monsters and demons with his sidekick Frank. Get the look of the good-hearted mobster with this The Goon costume guide.

Get ready to fight monsters looking like The Goon. To get his look you’ll need a Flat Cap, Striped T-Shirt, Men’s Pants, Men’s Boots and Leather Gloves. Carry around a Pipe Wrench to look like you mean business.

The Goon Cosplay Costumes

A brutish figure, one might expect The Goon to be one of the bad guys. Contrary to what his appearances might suggest, The Goon has good-hearted intentions and uses his strength and prowess to defeat the same type of people that took his aunt away from him. With Labrazio’s black book in hand, The Goon pretends to be the right-hand man of the mobster he killed to defeat the demons and monsters. To steal The Goon’s mobster look yourself, you’ll need a flat cap similar to the one he stole from Labrazio in the comic book. The rest is easy: just pair a striped t-shirt with a pair of basic pants and some work boots. Complete the look by slipping on leather gloves and carrying around a pipe wrench.

You can’t go into fights alone as The Goon, regardless of how big and strong you are. Bring along a few of your friends to get them to cosplay as your sidekick Frank and your worst enemies Zombie Priest, The Coven, and Labrazio.

The Goon Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the gritty, noir-inspired world of The Goon, the tough and enigmatic character from the comic series created by Eric Powell. Our in-depth costume guide FAQ is crafted to help you embody the unique blend of toughness and dark humor that defines The Goon. Learn how to assemble a costume that captures his rugged, early 20th-century aesthetic mixed with supernatural elements.

The Goon's costume is reflective of a bygone era, mixed with a hint of supernatural toughness. Essential elements include a dark, wide-lapel suit, a work-worn, open-collared white shirt, and heavy work boots. He often wears a tilted fedora hat, adding to his tough-guy persona. The costume isn't complete without the character's signature scarred face and a broken nose.

To recreate The Goon's face, focus on the scarred and rugged look. Use makeup or prosthetics to simulate his broken nose and scarred eye. The Goon's face is usually unshaven, adding to his rough-and-ready appearance. If you're not able to grow facial hair, consider using makeup or a fake beard.

The Goon's fedora hat is a defining accessory. Opt for a fedora that's slightly worn and tilted, in a dark color. As for other accessories, a chain wallet and a large belt buckle would complement his tough demeanor. Carrying a prop resembling The Goon's pipe wrench (his weapon of choice) would add an authentic touch to the costume.

The Goon's suit should have a vintage feel, ideally in a dark color like navy blue or black. The suit should appear slightly worn or distressed. His shirt is typically white and visibly unbuttoned at the collar, suggesting a lack of concern for formalities. The shirt should also appear worn, matching the tough, lived-in feel of his character.

To embody The Goon, adopt a tough, no-nonsense attitude. His speech is straightforward and often laced with dark humor. Quotes like, "You mess with the bull, you get the horns," or a simple, menacing "Yeah?" can be effective. Remember to incorporate a tough, confident posture, walking with a slight swagger that reflects his brawler nature.

About The Goon

While The Goon is not your typical hero with supernatural superpowers, he does have what most would consider a nearly superhuman durability and a remarkable level of strength. Even though he is technically an ordinary human, The Goon is still able to protect himself and ultimately defeat supernatural creatures with as if he had “real” superpowers. Also known to be highly skilled in making use of unconventional weapons, The Goon would fashion ordinary tools not fit for fighting into deadly weapons.

The Goon is not just the star of his own comic book series. He has also appeared in other crossover work such as Hellboy where they teamed up with Dethklok of Metalocalypse in an alternate reality. He also stars in a holiday special called The Goon Series Features, which is a reenactment of Charles Dickens’ famous holiday story, A Christmas Carol.

The Goon

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