How to Dress Like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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Best Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Costume Guide

From West Philadelphia, born and raised, Will is the main character on the show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! He was sent to California to live with his wealthy family because his mother in Philly thought he wasn’t on the best track for his life. Will got into a fight and then suddenly moved to live with his new family!

Will has a style of his own and much different than that of the wealthy Banks family. Get Will’s fresh style with a green striped Retro T-Shirt, a pair of blue Cotton Pocket Shorts, green Slouch Socks, and a pair of Men’s Jordan Basketball Shoes. Being Will, you have to accessorize! Throw on a lime green Army Military Cadet Cap and some Retro Wayfarers attached to an Eyeglass Neck Cord. You’re looking stylish now!

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Cosplay Costumes

The style that Will wore as The Fresh Prince isn’t exactly in style anymore, but don’t worry! We have everything you need and where to find it. Of course, you can check out a thrift store for Will’s shirt, shorts, hat, and glasses, but you can also find it all online with the links we listed above for you. Check your own closet too for the shorts, shoes, and maybe the glasses because you never know what you have lying around! Throw it all together and do a little dance–you’re the new Fresh Prince of Bel Air!

Bring the whole Banks family together by getting your friends to dress as Uncle Phil, Aunt Vivian, Ashley, Hilary, Geoffrey, and we almost forgot little ol’ Carlton! Once you have everyone together, send us a family photo that we can show off in our costume gallery of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air recreations!

About Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Will grew up on the rough side of the tracks with his mother, and they had little money. When Will supposedly got into a fight, his mother thought it was time to find a better place for him to live, so she sent him to his aunt and uncle’s house in Beverly Hills. Will instantly knew when he arrived that he was in a much wealthier place than back home. Uncle Phil wasn’t pleased with Will’s demeanor and rudeness whenever he first joined the family, but after a while, everyone started to love Will.

While Will was learning the ways of being respectful and how to manage money, he was also teaching his new family how to be more laid back and to enjoy life. He and his cousins would get in trouble from time to time, but it later taught them a life lesson that they all needed to learn no matter what their backgrounds were.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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