How to Dress Like the Fourth Doctor

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Fourth Doctor Costume Guide
The Fourth Doctor Scarf
Suede Brown Fedora
Curly Hair Wig
Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver
British Classic Single Breasted Coat
Plaid Design Dress Vest & Bow Tie
Solid Burgundy Cravat Neck Tie
Modern Fit Flat Front Dress Pants
White Dress Shirt
Black Lace-Up Ankle Boot

Best Fourth Doctor Costume Guide

The Fourth Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor from the popular BBC sci-fi show, Doctor Who. Portrayed by Tom Baker, the Doctor is most probably the most recognizable and popular reincarnation of the Doctor. The Fourth Doctor had the longest on-air time of all the Doctors appearing on the show. His previous reincarnation died due to extreme damage from radiation caused at the Great One’s lair. Get the look of the most iconic Doctor with this Fourth Doctor costume guide.

To cosplay the Fourth Doctor, start by putting on a Curly Hair Wig and Suede Brown Fedora. Wear a White Dress Shirt and Solid Burgundy Cravat Neck Tie. Then, add a Classic Single Breasted Coat, Plaid Design Dress Vest and Bow Tie, Flat Front Dress Pants, and a pair of Black Lace-Up Ankle Boot. Finally, equip yourself with a Fourth Doctor Scarf and Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver to start your journey of exploring the cosmos!

Fourth Doctor Cosplay Costumes

The Doctor is a centuries old alien who originates from the planet of Gallifrey and appears on the popular BBC show, Doctor Who. Portrayed by Tom Baker, the Doctor travels in his iconic Tardis with companions like Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan. When critically injured, the Doctor can regenerate and completely heal himself, with his physical appearance and personality changing in the process.

Dressing up as the Fourth Doctor is an awesome choice! Even more awesome is getting your friends, to dress up as all the Doctors appearing in the Doctor Who television series. But you and your friends shouldn’t be limited by the Doctors. Your friends can dress up as other awesome characters like superheroes, cartoon characters, video game characters, and much more. Costume Wall has hundreds of costume guides you’ll love. We’re confident you and your friends will find a character you’ll love!

About Fourth Doctor

Doctor Who’s fourth incarnation is somewhat more alienated than other Doctors before him appearing on Doctor Who. While he definitely cracks jokes and from time to time is accompanied by his eccentric grin, the Fourth Doctor is also more detached and sentimental than previous incarnations. He plays a father figure to his most memorable companion, Sarah Jay Smith and is occasionally capable of love and warmth.

The Doctor has a decent and honest mindset which was displayed when he identifies Doctor Tryst of selling illegal drugs to fund his scientific research. The Fourth Doctor is also impatient when it comes people he deems stupid or evil. When put in a position of authority, he can be controlling and egocentric. He prefers solving matters using logic rather than force and fighting. Thanks to his predecessor, he’s an extremely able fighter and can use all sorts of weapons against his enemies.

Fourth Doctor

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