How to Dress Like First Doctor

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Slick Back Hair Wig
White Dress Shirt
Vintage Gemstone Ring
Navy Suit Jacket
Beige Waistcoat
Checkered Pants
Ribbon (Bow Tie)
Dress Boots
Wooden Walking Stick

Best First Doctor Costume Guide

The First Doctor is the initial incarnation of Doctor Who that appeared on television screens for the first time in 1963. The main character of the wildly popular BBC science fiction television series, Doctor Who, has since had twelve incarnations. Though twelve Doctors have come and gone, they wouldn’t have been possible without the first who was originally portrayed by William Hartnell. The Doctor was the greatest Time Lord of his years and went on many adventures thanks to his wonky TARDIS time traveler—landing on Earth in 1963. Get the look of the alien Time Lord with this The First Doctor costume guide.

Cosplay The First Doctor with a Slick Back Hair Wig, White Dress Shirt, Navy Suit Jacket, Checkered Pants, and a pair of black Dress Boots. The Doctor liked his accessories, so be sure to grab a Beige Waistcoat, Blue Bow Tie, a Vintage Gemstone Ring, and a Wooden Walking Stick to complete this costume.

First Doctor Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay doesn’t get any more classic than the First Doctor, and you’ll need the classic look to go right along with it. To dress up like the very first Time Lord, you’re going to need to hit up a thrift store. Look out for a pair of checkered pants, navy suit jacket, blue bow tie, beige vest, and a vintage gemstone ring. Try looking online if you don’t have much luck in the thrift store. You may already own a white dress shirt, but if not you can easily find one in most retail stores along with a pair of dress boots. The walking stick is going to be easiest to find in a costume shop. Now you’re looking suave!

The Doctor had tons of companions on his adventures, but his granddaughter Susan is the most memorable! You can also get some of your friends together for a group cosplay to dress as the other Doctors—Fourth Doctor, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, and the Thirteenth Doctor. We need proof that the first incarnation of Doctor Who is still alive, so send us a picture to add to our costume gallery!

First Doctor Costume Tips & FAQs

Travel back in time with our costume guide FAQ for the First Doctor from the iconic British TV series “Doctor Who.” Portrayed originally by William Hartnell, the First Doctor is characterized by his eccentric yet distinguished Edwardian style, reflecting his wise and sometimes cantankerous demeanor. This guide will help you recreate the classic look of the Time Lord’s original incarnation, perfect for fans of the series who want to pay homage to the Doctor’s beginnings.

The First Doctor's outfit exudes an Edwardian gentleman's style. Key components include a long, frock coat, often in a dark color like black or charcoal grey. Underneath, he wears a waistcoat (vest) over a white dress shirt with a high collar. The ensemble is completed with formal trousers, a bow tie or a cravat, and a pair of polished dress shoes. The First Doctor's look is often accessorized with a monocle and a walking cane, adding to his distinguished appearance. His hair is white and combed back, and he often sports a small goatee.

To replicate the First Doctor's frock coat, look for a vintage or replica coat that reaches down to the knees and features a tailored fit. The waistcoat should be a contrasting color to the coat, often in a lighter shade or with a subtle pattern. Pair these with a crisp white dress shirt with a high, stiff collar. For the trousers, choose a classic cut in a color that complements the coat and waistcoat.

The First Doctor often wears a bow tie or a cravat, which should be in a color or pattern that coordinates with the overall outfit. The bow tie adds a touch of formality, while the cravat gives a more traditional Edwardian look. His footwear consists of polished dress shoes, typically in black, which should be clean and well-maintained to match the formality of his attire.

Essential accessories for the First Doctor's costume include a monocle, which he occasionally wears, and a walking cane, often used as both a practical tool and a stylish accessory. These items add to the authenticity of the costume and reflect the character's refined and somewhat old-fashioned nature.

To enhance your portrayal of the First Doctor, consider adopting his authoritative yet whimsical demeanor. Memorable quotes like, "I am the Doctor, the original, you might say," or his grandfatherly advice and remarks can be used to bring the character to life. Emphasizing his wisdom, his occasional stubbornness, and his pioneering spirit as the first incarnation of the Doctor will add depth to your cosplay. The First Doctor is a character who combines a sense of adventure with a strong moral compass, making him a beloved and iconic figure in the "Doctor Who" series.

About First Doctor

The First Doctor came from Gallifrey and traveled through time and space, but finally landed on Earth in the year 1963. He found his granddaughter Susan while he was there, and decided to bring her along for his action-packed adventures. Every doctor since the first incarnation appearing on the BBC show, Doctor Who, has been completely different. The First Doctor knew how intelligent he was and wasn’t afraid to let everyone around him know. Despite being confident in his intellect, the Doctor was warm, kind, and enjoyed being a mentor to anyone willing to learn.

While appearing on the show, Doctor Who traveled with many others throughout his years. The TARDIS he voyaged in was a little faulty at times, which caused him to stop in unplanned times and areas. The Doctor found it difficult to trust people, but he was quite protective and admiring of all of his companions that he did trust.

First Doctor

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