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Best Black Ranger Costume Guide

There’s always that one person who is the life of the party, and Zack Taylor, the Black Ranger was that friend on the FOX show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! Zach, played by actor Walter Emanuel Jones, appeared on the first generation of Power Rangers in 1993. Chosen by Zordon to defend Earth from the evil sorceress Rita Repulsa, Zach relies on his upbeat personality and athletic ability to help the Power Rangers their fights. Morph into the Black Ranger with this complete costume guide.

Cosplay the look of Zack’s Black Power Ranger outfit with a Power Ranger Morphsuit Costume, Black Power Ranger Helmet, Power Morpher, Power Axe, and a pair of White Vans. Get the same costume as Zack Taylor and be the life of the party this Halloween!

Black Ranger Cosplay Costumes

Once you’ve decided to be the Black Power Ranger, it’s time to get your costume together! Recreating this popular 90’s costume can be quick to assemble with just a few items. Simply follow these steps and you will have the costume you’re looking for quicker than a Power Ranger can morph!

Let’s get started with the main piece: the Black Power Ranger Morphsuit costume! This bodysuit is the quickest way to get the look of the Black Power Ranger. Just step into the suit and you already really close to looking like a Power Ranger. Then, add a basic pair of white tennis shoes. The Power Axe, Zach’s weapon of choice, is absolutely essential just as it was on the show. Don’t leave behind your Power Morpher in case you need to morph. Then pull the entire look together by slipping on a Black Power Ranger helmet! Cosplay as a group of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with the Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger. Make sure to send us a picture of your look, and if you need any more tips or tricks you can check out the Black Power Ranger costume gallery!

Black Ranger Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into a superhero with our Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Black Ranger costume guide FAQ. Embrace the role of the Black Ranger, a key member of the original Power Rangers team from the iconic FOX TV show. This guide will help you capture the essence of this dynamic character, from the distinctive costume to the heroic attitude, ensuring you’re ready to save the world in style.

The Black Ranger's outfit is a full-body spandex suit predominantly in black, featuring a white diamond pattern across the chest, arms, and legs. The costume includes a black belt with the Power Rangers' signature morpher buckle. The most crucial element is the black helmet with the mastodon motif, which completes the iconic look.

Creating the Black Ranger's helmet can be a fun DIY project. You can start with a basic motorcycle or sports helmet and use paint and craft materials to replicate the mastodon design and visor. Alternatively, pre-made Power Rangers helmets are available online for purchase.

The Black Ranger wears black boots with white accents that match the suit's diamond pattern. If you can't find an exact match, any sleek black boot can be customized with white tape or paint to create the necessary pattern.

The Power Rangers are known for their dynamic poses and martial arts skills. Practicing some basic martial arts stances and poses, like a defensive stance or a mock punch/kick, can add authenticity to your portrayal. Remember, the Black Ranger is known for his agility and strength.

To bring your Black Ranger costume to life, incorporate some of his memorable catchphrases and actions, such as: "Mastodon Dinozord, Power Up!," "It's morphin' time!," "Let's show them some Megazord power!" and "Back to action!" These phrases and actions are emblematic of the Black Ranger's role in the team and his readiness to face any challenge, making them perfect for a convincing portrayal.

About Black Ranger

Each character from the FOX TV show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers had their own personalities and quirks. Zack Taylor is the highlight of the group with his outgoing personality and popular dance moves. Zack makes sure the group of friends is always having a fun time, he even displays his dance moves when morphed as a Power Ranger. His fighting often resembles dance moves and he even teaches others these moves once he masters them.

In the beginning, when Zordon chose the group of teenagers to be the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Zack wasn’t so sure he was right for the job. He finally decided that he wanted to help protect Earth from Rita Repulsa. Along with his Power Axe and athletic abilities, the Black Power Ranger had the ability to morph into the Mastodon!

Black Ranger

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