How to Dress Like The Avengers Endgame Quantum Realm Suit

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Avengers Quantum Realm Suit Costume Guide

Best Avengers Quantum Realm Suit Costume Guide

Thanos destroyed the world with a single snap. Families and friends alike vanished, and the earth remained with only a few Avengers. People came to terms with this new way of life. All hope was lost, and there was no way to undo the damage done. That is until Scott Lang managed to make his way out of the Quantum Realm. He realized that time travel is, in fact, possible and that they might be able to save those that Thanos destroyed.

Ant-Man’s suit is capable of being a barrier between the effects of the Quantum Realm. With his suit as a guide, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner create several replicas for the Avengers to travel back in time to capture secure the Infinity Stones. Look like one of the superheroes time traveling in Avengers: Endgame by suiting up in a Quantum Realm Costume, Leather Shoes, Helmet, Black Leather Gloves, and the Infinity Stones. 

Avengers Quantum Realm Suit Cosplay Costumes

The Quantum Realm Suit was initially seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Ant-Man and the Wasp. Designed by Hank Pym, the suit saved his wife from the Quantum Realm. He thought he lost Van Dyne years ago, but Scott discovered her when he fell through the Quantum Tunnel. The suit allows the wearer not to be affected by the Quantum Realm. The special suit also enables the wearer not to lose track of space and time. 

Sure, you could go back in time on your own and try and save the world, but you’d have a better chance if you brought some friends with you. Round up the Avengers and suit up. This trip back in time is going to be the biggest mission the team has ever accepted. Don’t forget to submit an entry of you or your group to the annual Halloween Costume Contest. We want to see how your cosplay turns out!

About Avengers Quantum Realm Suit

There aren’t many Avengers left, not since the snap. Many of the Avengers disappeared, and some faded into the background. The few that were left behind did their best to keep peace on earth and in space, but it wasn’t the same. If only there were a way to undo the past.

Luckily, there is! Scott Lang shows up, after being assumed dead, and declares that he has a way to save the world. He spent time in the Quantum Realm and realized that he could potentially jump back to the past. Bruce Banner couldn’t figure out time travel on his own, so the team begins to persuade Tony Stark to return to the team. When Tony finally agrees to help, he and Bruce work to enhance the Quantum Realm Suit. The enhanced suit can sustain time travel and further movement through the Quantum Realm. This opportunity may be their only shot at bringing everyone back. They can’t screw it up!

Avengers Quantum Realm Suit

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