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TF2 Scout's Mom Costume Guide

Best TF2 Scout's Mom Halloween Costume Guide

TF2, also known as Team Fortress 2, is a first-person shooter that originally came out in 2007. The game is an online multiplayer game where you choose your character based on nine character classes. Each class has a unique set of skills and abilities, as well as their own strengths and weaknesses. When these classes are brought together and work well as a team, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Scout is one of the main characters you can play as, which also brought about popularity for Scout’s Mom. Although Scout’s Mom is a non-playable character (NPC) she has gotten a lot of attention because of her relationship with one of the Scout’s teammates, Spy. Whether you’re team BLU or team RED, Scout’s Mom is a fun cosplay to try. To get the look of sweet-loving Scout’s Mom you will need a Midi Dress, Plastic Headband, Glam Diva Wig, White Hoop Earrings, Elastic Belt and Women’s Pumps.

TF2 Scout's Mom Cosplay Costumes

Team Fortress 2 may look like your simple shoot-em-up game, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a following. Scout’s Mom has gotten popular over the years as players learn more about her backstory and motives. Not only is she the mother of the quick-footed Scout, but she’s also in a romantic relationship with Spy from the opposition’s team. 

Seeing as there are two teams, there are two options for Scout’s Mom’s look. This is the perfect opportunity to show everyone which team you’re rooting for. Are you team BLU or team RED? Although BLU Scout’s Mom is more popular, it might be more fun to be the underdog. 

Scout’s Mom shouldn’t be this close to the action! Better call some reinforcements to the base and have them come as other characters like Scout or Spy. If you think your team has the best costumes, don’t forget to submit a photo to our Halloween Costume Contest!

About TF2 Scout's Mom

Scout’s Mom is a non-playable character from the 2007 game Team Fortress 2. This battle royale began because two brothers started a feud. Both brothers owned a separate company, Reliable Excavation & Demolition, and Builder’s League United, and each wanted to undo the other. What better way to settle this than by hiring a team of aggressive, and maybe mentally unstable, thugs? Through battles and games, team BLU and team RED fight to be victorious. 

Scout’s Mom is the mother of eight boys, with Scout being the youngest. She’s known for her good looks and charming personality and knows how to persuade men. BLU Scout’s Mom is in a romantic relationship with RED Spy, which they try to keep secret. Although her son doesn’t know about her connection with the opposition, it is said that one of the teams has compromising photos of them together. There are many rumors about Spy and Scout’s Mom, as well as Spy’s relationship with Scout, but she would never reveal something like that willingly.

TF2 Scout's Mom

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