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Best Terry Jeffords Costume Guide

Terry Jeffords, who is played by Terry Crews, is one of the main characters from the sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The show is about a small group of police detectives who work at the 99th precinct in New York. Throughout the show, they become more like a family than simply just co-workers. 

Terry Jeffords may look intimidating with his tall and strong build, but he’s actually one of the sweetest on the team. Being the dad of twin baby girls, Terry has brought that fatherly love into the workplace and really cares about everyone on the team. Although Terry loves his yogurt, he would drop it at a moment’s notice to protect the team. To become the loving teddy bear Terry Jeffords you will need a Bald Cap, White Dress Shirt, Striped Tie, Clip Suspenders, Grey Chino Pant, Men’s Timex Watch, Stainless Steel Ring and a Fake Watch Badge Set.

Terry Jeffords Cosplay Costumes

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is not like your usual cop drama show. It is funny, witty and has great dialogue between the characters. With the great pairing of cast members, they are able to cover serious and not so serious topics alike. Sergeant Terry Jeffords is the perfect choice to cosplay as if you want to balance the show’s serious, caring and funny nature. Terry’s outfits are always practical. Whether he is going to sit at his desk all day, chase after a bad guy or do some bench presses, Terry is always dressed for the occasion. 

I’m sure the team would love to come along, so why not call them in? Have your squad meet you as other characters from the show like Jake Peralta, Rosa Diaz, Charles Boyle, Amy Santiago, Raymond Holt or Gina Linetti. If you think your team looks the best, send us some photos to our Halloween Costume Contest!

Terry Jeffords Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the world of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” with our Terry Jeffords costume guide FAQ. Terry Jeffords, played by Terry Crews, is known for his muscular build, his love for yogurt, and his gentle, caring nature contrasted with his intimidating appearance. This guide will help you capture the essence of Terry’s character, answering your questions about creating a convincing Terry Jeffords look for cosplay events, themed parties, or fan gatherings.

Terry Jeffords' outfit is typically casual and functional, reflecting his role as a sergeant. It often includes a fitted, plain or graphic t-shirt that accentuates his muscular build, casual slacks or jeans, and comfortable shoes, like sneakers. He is also often seen with his police badge and holster.

Terry has a clean-shaven head, which you can replicate with a bald cap if needed. He also sports a neat, well-groomed goatee. You can use makeup to draw on a goatee or wear a fake one. Terry's facial expressions often reflect his caring and gentle personality, despite his imposing size.

Choose a fitted t-shirt that can be plain, in a solid color, or feature a graphic print – something that Terry might wear. His shirts are often tight to show off his muscular physique. Pair the shirt with casual slacks or jeans, ensuring they are comfortable and practical.

Accessorize with a police badge and a holster, as Terry is often in his sergeant role. You might also carry a container of yogurt, one of Terry's favorite snacks, as a fun and recognizable prop.

Adding Terry Jeffords' quotes to your cosplay can make your portrayal more authentic and enjoyable. Here are some memorable lines: "Terry loves yogurt.," "Whyyyy?!," "The Ebony Falcon takes no crap.," "I'm not just some piece of meat; I have feelings and dreams like anybody else." and "This is taking too long! I'm gonna miss the farmer's market!" These quotes capture Terry's unique blend of toughness and sensitivity, along with his love for certain hobbies and foods, making them great additions to a Terry Jeffords cosplay or costume.

About Terry Jeffords

Terry Jeffords is a fictional character played by Terry Crews from the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He is the protective father figure of the 99th precinct and is always making sure the team is doing their best. He has served at several other precincts over the years but has found the nine-nine to be his true home. His physical strength is a good indication of his mental strength as Terry Jeffords has overcome many personal issues before and after becoming a police detective.

Terry can be strict when called for, but normally it’s in the interest of his co-workers. His temper can flare when his buttons are pressed, which normally leads to him destroying either his desk or another piece of furniture. Although the sergeant can be seen as intimidating, he’s really just a big cuddly bear. His love for yogurt is strong, but his love for his detective family is stronger.

Terry Jeffords

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