How to Dress Like Terry Bogard

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Terry Bogard Costume Guide
Trucker Hat
Straight-Fit Jean
Men's Cotton Muscle Shirt
Mens Sleeveless Red Denim Vest
Long Hair Wig
Converse High Top
Men's Leather Motorcycle Gloves
Men’s Genuine Leather Belt

Best Terry Bogard Costume Guide

Terry Bogard is the main character of the video game series Fatal Fury. He is an American fighter that learned martial arts during his time on the streets. Terry spent most of his childhood as an orphan, training hard to enter and win a tournament called The King of Fighters. He also has a brother named Andy Bogard who moved to Japan when Terry was a kid.

Terry is a depiction of what an American fighter looks like to the Japanese. He dresses like a gangster but is good-natured—a rare combination! To dress up like Terry Bogard, you’ll need a Men’s Cotton Muscle Shirt and a pair of Straight-Fit Jeans. Next, buckle up the jeans with a Genuine Leather Belt, preferably in brown. Then get yourself Terry’s signature Trucker Hat, Sleeveless Red Denim Vest, and a pair of Converse High Tops. Finally, complete his look with a Long Hair Wig and Men’s Leather Motorcycle Gloves.

Terry Bogard Cosplay Costumes

To get an even closer look to Terry Bogard, recreate a wound or a slash on your face or arms. This will make it seem like you’ve been in a serious battle. After all, authenticity is the key to a great cosplay!

You will also need a few companions of your own to stand out. Gather your friends and create a fight team of your own. Bring Terry’s brothers and his opponents into your group. Even better would be to get your friends to dress up like fighters from other game franchises like Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter. An ultimate team-up like this deserves a great photo of its own. Send in a picture of your best Terry Bogard costume. If you want a bit of inspiration yourself, take a look at the featured cosplay gallery!

About Terry Bogard

Terry Bogard, along with his brother Andy, was adopted at quite a young age by their adoptive father Jeff Bogard. But in a tragic twist, their father was killed, leaving Terry to be raised on his own in the streets.

From the day his father died, Terry vowed revenge and spent most of his childhood and teenage life training in the skill of martial arts. His goal was to kill his father’s murderer, Geese Howard. To reach him, he participated in a tournament called The King of Fighters in Fatal Fury and quickly became the top fighter there, earning the status of Legendary Hungry Wolf.

Terry Bogard has a charming, fun personality and is kind to everyone. Nevertheless, he holds great hatred for Geese Howard, whom he successfully defeated. He is one of the best fighters of his time and a great character to cosplay!

Terry Bogard

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