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Best Téa Gardner Costume Guide

Known as Anzu Mazaki in the Japanese version of Yu-Gi-Oh!, in the U.S. she is Téa Gardner and is a long time friend of Yugi Muto. If you’re looking for an easy cosplay solution, Téa Gardner is a great option. Following this costume guide, you can pull off her simple look and achieve cosplay success.

Begin with a Women’s Performance Collection Shirt and a pair of Juniors Stretchy Jean Shorts cinched with a Canvas Web Belt. Dress in Women’s Knee Thigh High Socks worn with a pair of Women’s Original Universal Sandals. Add the essential Cuff Leather Bangle accessory.

Téa Gardner Cosplay Costumes

Any experienced cosplayer keeps a list of quick and easy characters to replicate for last minute conventions. Your shortlist should include Téa Gardner. Some, if not all pieces, are probably already in your closet. Start with a sleeveless collared shirt in pale mint green over a fitted pair of high-waisted denim shorts. Pair these with thigh length stockings and some t-strap open toed heels.

This is just one option for Téa’s look. You can also go for her more cultured look by pairing a pink blazer with a large blue neck bow and miniskirt. Exchange the thigh highs for knee socks and loafers. For group cosplay, you should include other Yu-Gi-Oh! characters like Yugi Muto, Astral, or Adrian Gecko. For more style ideas, check out the cosplay featured pics. Show us your best Téa Gardner look! We welcome your submissions as well.

Téa Gardner Costume Tips & FAQs

Enter the captivating world of Yu-Gi-Oh! with our Téa Gardner (known as Anzu Mazaki in Japan) costume guide FAQ. Téa, a main character in the series, is recognized for her spirit, friendship, and unique fashion sense. This FAQ is designed to help you recreate Téa’s iconic look, perfect for anime conventions, cosplay events, or any gathering where you wish to embody the essence of this beloved character.

Téa Gardner's classic outfit consists of a blue and white short-sleeved schoolgirl uniform with a red bow tie at the collar. The skirt is pleated and typically at knee-length. She also wears a pair of standard brown loafers or school shoes. This outfit reflects her youthful and energetic personality, as well as her role as a high school student.

Téa's hair is one of her most distinctive features. It's styled in a short, dark brown bob with bangs and two longer strands framing her face. The hair often appears quite voluminous. To replicate her hairstyle, you can use a dark brown wig cut and styled to match her look. Make sure the wig captures the bounce and fullness of her hair.

Téa's makeup is simple and natural, fitting her high school student persona. Focus on a clean, fresh-faced look. Use light foundation, a touch of blush for a healthy glow, and a natural lip color. Téa's eyes are large and expressive, so a little eyeliner and mascara can help achieve a similar effect, especially if using subtle eyelid tape or false eyelashes to enlarge the appearance of the eyes.

Téa Gardner's look is quite straightforward without many accessories. However, for added authenticity, you can carry a small handbag or a schoolbag, as she often does in the series. If you're a Yu-Gi-Oh! card game fan, carrying a deck of cards can also be a fun nod to the show.

Téa is known for her optimistic outlook and her supportive nature towards her friends. Including some of her memorable quotes can add an authentic touch to your cosplay. Some of her notable lines include: "We have to believe in the heart of the cards.," "Friendship is the best thing in the whole world!," "I'm not just a damsel in distress waiting to be rescued!," "Let's go, we've got a duel to win!" and "I believe in you, Yugi!." These quotes reflect Téa's unwavering support for her friends and her belief in the power of friendship, embodying the spirit of her character.

About Téa Gardner

The definition of a good friend, Téa is strong willed and supportive of those in her circle. In the beginning of the series, she is known for her spunky attitude and hoyden behavior. She later evolves into a more carefree character known for doing anything to help a friend. She stands up for what she believes in and becomes the understanding voice of common sense amongst her set.

Known to have a crush on Yugi, she is easily made jealous and initially misunderstands his friendships with other females. This sometimes results in tempestuous outbursts to show her displeasure. Téa loves and values her friends, but this doesn’t stop her from taking on a motherly role and correcting their behavior when they step out of line. She often threatens her male friends by saying she will get more female friends to replace them when they misbehave. Téa also loves dancing and hopes to be a dancer when she grows up.

Téa Gardner

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