How to Dress Like Tambry

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Tambry Costume Guide
Purple Short Flip Out Wig
Pink Hair Clip
Black Ball Earrings
Purple Eyeshadow
Purple V Neck Long Sleeve Tee
White Long Sleeve Tee
Purple Skirt
Black Toy Flip Phone
Lavender Tights
Black Mid Calf Suede Boots

Best Tambry Costume Guide

Tambry was introduced in the very first episode of Disney’s animated show Gravity Falls where we discovered her friendship with Wendy Corduroy. Tambry, voiced by Jessica DiCicco, is always hooked to her cell phone and willing to follow her friends wherever they go. If she looks up from her cell phone even for a second, it is her way of saying she is having a good time! Tambry is currently in a relationship with Robbie Valentino. Cosplay this Gravity Falls character with the Tambry costume guide.

Cosplay the look of this typical millennial teenager with a Purple Short Flip Out Wig, Pink Hair Clip, Purple V-neck Long Sleeve Tee, White Long Sleeve Tee, Purple Skirt, Lavender Tights, Black Mid-calf Suede Boots, Black Ball Earrings, and Purple Eye Shadow. Playing the part of a cellphone addict, you’ll also nee a Black Toy Flip Phone.

Tambry Cosplay Costumes

If you enjoy watching Disney’s animated show Gravity Falls, then this Tambry costume will be a blast for you to recreate! Tambry is a fun, quirky character that we can all relate to because she is constantly glued to her cell phone. Since she never seen without hers, so make sure to have your cell phone with you at all times. Let’s take a look at what else you will need for this cosplay!

Start by finding a short purple wig that you can flip out. Add a pink hair clip to one side of the wig to match Tambry’s hair exactly. For your shirt, you will want a simple purple v-neck long sleeve with a white shirt underneath. Then, wear a purple skirt and a pair of lavender tights. Lace up a pair of black mid-calf boots to complete wardrobe. Finally, find a pair of black ball earrings to wear and put on some purple eyeshadow! Tambry isn’t a loner, so cosplay as a group by taking along Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Robbie Valentino, and Wendy Corduroy. Submit a picture of your Gravity Falls costume to add to the cosplay gallery.

About Tambry

Tambry is a character from the Disney television show Gravity Falls. Though the main characters of the show are Mabel Pines, Dipper Pines, Wendy Corduroy, and Grunkle Stan, Tambry, as one of Wendy’s closest friends, is seen in quite a few of the episodes. When you think of a typical millennial teenage girl, that’s Tambry. She spends most of her time with her face stuck to her cell phone texting and updating her status on social media.

Tambry is the type of teenage girl that even when she is at a party, she is not the one partying. She is stuck in a corner somewhere texting or following her friends around while they update their status online. Tambry doesn’t appear on every episode, but when she does she is generally hanging out with Wendy or Robbie Valentino, with whom she dates. Even though she isn’t the most social person, she can text you in a jiffy and keep you updated with her status.


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