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Best Takashi Shirogane Costume Guide

Takashi “Shiro” Shirogane is a skilled pilot and former leader of the five Paladins of Voltron in the Netflix animated television series, Voltron: Legendary Defender. As an exploration pilot, Shiro went on a mission to Kerberos, a moon of Pluto. While thought to have gone missing, he was abducted by a passing Galra ship. Shiro was then sent to become a fighter in Emperor Zarkon’s Gladiatorial Arena. Shiro became a bloodthirsty gladiator that was a champion in the Empire’s arena. Upon his return to earth, Shiro began fighting the Galra Empire. Get the look of Shiro with this Takashi Shirogane costume guide.

Cosplay Shiro’s Voltron look with a Voltron Shiro Costume, Wild Color Spray, Winter Boots, Automail Arms, Purple Paint, and a Full Face Street Helmet to complete the look. With all of these pieces, you’re sure to have killer Takashi Shirogane costume that others will be envious of.

Takashi Shirogane Cosplay Costumes

The items needed for your Takashi “Shiro” Shirogane cosplay may be a bit difficult to find, but with a bit of searching online, you should be able to find everything you need to get the look of Takashi Shirogane from the show, Voltron. After you have your full Shiro Voltron costume, you’ll have most of the look down. You’ll then need a few accessories like the helmet, boots, and hair dye to become a close match to Shiro.

Shiro is great to be incorporated into a group costume. Have your friends look to the other members of Team Voltron like Keith, Pidge, Lance, and Hunk. Try to grab a few friends so you can have an awesome cosplay together. If you do happen to do something a bit different with this cosplay, we’d love to see photos of what you come up. Send over a few photos to be featured on Costume Wall.


Takashi Shirogane Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on an intergalactic adventure with our costume guide FAQ for Takashi Shirogane, also known as “Shiro,” from “Voltron: Legendary Defender.” This guide is designed to help you recreate Shiro’s iconic Paladin armor and his distinct look, capturing the essence of his leadership and bravery. We will answer your most common questions about crafting his futuristic outfit, helping you transform into the courageous and inspiring leader of the Voltron team.

Shiro's Paladin armor is a sleek, futuristic suit primarily in white and black, with purple accents. Essential components include a form-fitting bodysuit, a chest plate with the Voltron emblem, shoulder and forearm armor, and a utility belt. The armor is complemented by a pair of sturdy boots and gloves. Shiro's distinctive cybernetic right arm, which is silver and robotic in appearance, is a crucial aspect of his costume.

To create Shiro's cybernetic arm, you can use materials like foam, plastic, or metallic fabric. The arm should be crafted to resemble robotic components and painted silver to achieve a metallic look. Adding details like panel lines and joints will enhance the realism of the arm.

The bodysuit should be made from a stretchable, form-fitting fabric like spandex or Lycra in white and black. The armor pieces, including the chest plate, shoulder pads, and forearm guards, can be constructed from EVA foam, thermoplastics, or similar materials, painted to match the suit’s color scheme.

Key accessories include Shiro's Paladin helmet, which is sleek with a purple-tinted visor. If creating the helmet is not feasible, focusing on Shiro's distinct hairstyle – short black hair with a white streak – is another way to capture his look. Additionally, a utility belt with pouches adds functionality to the armor.

Incorporating Shiro's quotes or actions can add depth to your cosplay. Some memorable lines include: "Patience yields focus.," "Form Voltron!" and "We are all part of the same team now. The Paladins of Voltron." Demonstrating Shiro's leadership qualities, his calm and collected demeanor in battles, and his inspiring speeches will bring authenticity to your portrayal of this iconic character. Remember, Shiro is not just a fighter; he is a leader who brings out the best in his team.

About Takashi Shirogane

Takashi Shirogane was once an exploration pilot for the Galaxy Garrison traveling to Pluto’s moon. While eventually reported missing by pilot error, Shiro and crew had actually been abducted by a passing Galra ship that was scouting for signs of Voltron around the solar system. After being taken, Shiro was sent to become a fighter in Emperor Zarkon’s Gladiatorial Arena.

Shiro is a natural born leader and knows how to stay calm in almost any situation he encounters. While he may be commanding in situations, Shiro is actually relatively kind-hearted and sensitive to the struggles of those around him. One reoccurring issue Shiro faces is his time spent as a gladiator. Because of all the things he experienced during that time, he suffers from a degree of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Takashi Shirogane

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