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Women's Tank Dress
Lab Coat
Black Choker
Pill Necklace
Gel Pens
Red Belt
Black Heel Boots
Blue Hair Wig

Best Tae Takemi Costume Guide

Tae Takemi is a secondary character in the 2016 Megami Tensei spin-off game called Persona 5. In the game, she is introduced as the owner of Takemi Medical Clinic in Yongen-Jaya. Once a university employee, her life was turned upside down when she was blamed for the disastrous results of a medical trial she initially cautioned her colleagues against. As such, she went out on her own and has a unique way of viewing pharmaceutics, often secretly providing illegal drugs to customers. Get the look of the Dark Physician with this Dark Physician costume guide.

Tae fights to perfect her drugs and restore her credibility, however, it is later revealed that the patient killed in her previous medical trial was not dead at all. Cosplay Tae Takemi’s look by dressing up in a Women’s Tank Dress, Lab Coat, Red Belt and Black Heel Boots. You can really capture Tae’s punk-rock essence by adding a Black Choker, Blue Hair Wig, Pill Necklace, and Gel Pens.

Tae Takemi Cosplay Costumes

Embodying Tae Takemi’s character means embracing both her dark, gothic flair and her dedication to her medical profession. Her distinct look reflects her unique personality—intelligent, with a hint of mystery and rebellion. To dress up like Tae, focus on combining elements of her signature style. A women’s tank dress paired with a lab coat sets the professional foundation, while accessories like a black choker, pill necklace, and red belt add the perfect touch of gothic charm. Black heel boots are essential for Tae’s edgy yet sophisticated style.

Imagine stepping into Tae’s shoes, ready to conduct your next clinical trial, or perhaps attend a themed event or cosplay convention. To fully bring Tae Takemi to life, don’t just dress the part—embrace her confident and slightly enigmatic demeanor. Your blue wig will catch everyone’s eye, and your assortment of gel pens, peeking out from the lab coat’s pocket, will complete the transformation. Whether you’re joining friends dressed as other Persona 5 characters, like Joker or Ann Takamaki, or going solo, you’ll surely stand out with Tae’s unforgettable look.

Tae Takemi Costume Tips & FAQs

Delve into the stylish and enigmatic world of “Persona 5” with our costume guide FAQ for Tae Takemi, the charismatic and unconventional doctor who becomes a key ally. Perfect for gaming conventions, cosplay events, or themed gatherings, this guide will help you capture Tae Takemi’s unique blend of medical professionalism and gothic punk flair.

Tae Takemi's distinctive style combines elements of a medical professional with a gothic punk twist. Essential to her look are a white lab coat, a black dress with a belt, black thigh-high boots, and fishnet stockings. Her dress is unique with its asymmetrical hem and strap details. The lab coat is often worn over the shoulders without the arms in the sleeves, adding to her laid-back yet stylish demeanor.

Tae Takemi has strikingly messy, shoulder-length, ash blonde hair with darker roots, often styled in a bedhead look. Temporary hair dye or a wig can be used to achieve this. Her makeup is bold, with heavy black eyeliner and dark lipstick, emphasizing her edgy and rebellious nature.

Tae Takemi's accessories include a choker necklace, often a simple black band, and sometimes a pair of dark sunglasses resting on her head. Additionally, she wears a long necklace with a large pendant. These accessories complement her gothic punk aesthetic and are crucial for an authentic cosplay.

Tae Takemi's lab coat is fairly standard, but ensure it's a bit oversized, as she wears it loosely. Her black dress is more distinctive, with an asymmetrical cut and possibly some strap details around the waist or chest. The dress should fit well and pair seamlessly with the fishnet stockings and thigh-high boots.

Tae Takemi, known for her blunt yet caring personality, has several memorable quotes such as, "Allergies are so annoying. I wish I could just get rid of them." and "Let's do a clinical trial." Her dialogue often reflects her role as a doctor and her unconventional approach to medicine, making phrases related to clinical trials and medical treatments fitting for her character.

About Tae Takemi

Tae Takemi steals the spotlight as the eccentric and highly skilled doctor in “Persona 5,” a game that dives deep into the complexities of society and the human psyche. Operating out of her somewhat questionable clinic in Yongen-Jaya, Tae offers the protagonist and his friends invaluable support through her medical expertise. Despite her unconventional methods, Tae’s heart is in the right place, and she becomes an indispensable ally to the Phantom Thieves. Her bold fashion sense, with a penchant for gothic elements, mirrors her bold personality.

Tae’s role in “Persona 5” is not just that of a vendor or a side character; she’s a fully realized individual with her own storyline, challenges, and growth. Players can deepen their relationship with her through the game’s “Confidant” system, unlocking valuable abilities and learning more about her motivations and past. Her interactions with other characters, especially the protagonist, reveal a caring yet fiercely independent woman. Tae Takemi’s unique blend of style, intelligence, and compassion makes her a memorable character in the “Persona” series and a fantastic choice for cosplay enthusiasts.

Tae Takemi

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