How to Dress Like Tae Takemi

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Tae Takemi Costume Guide
Women's Tank Dress
Lab Coat
Black Choker
Pill Necklace
Gel Pens
Red Belt
Black Heel Boots
Blue Hair Wig

Best Tae Takemi Costume Guide

Tae Takemi is a secondary character in the 2016 Megami Tensei spin-off game called Persona 5. In the game, she is introduced as the owner of Takemi Medical Clinic in Yongen-Jaya. Once a university employee, her life was turned upside down when she was blamed for the disastrous results of a medical trial she initially cautioned her colleagues against. As such, she went out on her own and has a unique way of viewing pharmaceutics, often secretly providing illegal drugs to customers. Get the look of the Dark Physician with this Dark Physician costume guide.

Tae fights to perfect her drugs and restore her credibility, however, it is later revealed that the patient killed in her previous medical trial was not dead at all. Cosplay Tae Takemi’s look by dressing up in a Women’s Tank Dress, Lab Coat, Red Belt and Black Heel Boots. You can really capture Tae’s punk-rock essence by adding a Black Choker, Blue Hair Wig, Pill Necklace, and Gel Pens.


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