How to Dress Like Syndrome

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Syndrome T-Shirt
Black Cape
Black Compression Pants
Orange Wig
Black Compression Long Sleeve Shirt
White Speedo
White Gauntlet Gloves
Black Super Hero Mask
White Knee High Boots

Best Syndrome Costume Guide

Syndrome is the main antagonist in the hit 2004 Disney/Pixar animated film The Incredibles. He is the super-villain alter-ego of Buddy Pine, who as a young boy wanted nothing more than to be just like his hero, Mr. Incredible. After being discarded by Mr. Incredible, Buddy turns his considerable technical talents to evil. He develops a range of gadgets which make up for his lack of superpowers, including an army of Omnidroids.

The boy who once loved superheroes now wants to sell his weapons to anybody who will pay for them, believing that if everybody has super weapons, nobody will be more super than anybody else and his former heroes will be obsolete. If you want the look of Syndrome, the villain from The Incredibles, you’ll need an Orange Wig, Black Super Hero Mask, Syndrome T-Shirt, Black Compression Long Sleeve Shirt, Black Compression Pants, White Speedo, White Gauntlet Gloves, Black Cape and White Knee High Boots.

Syndrome Cosplay Costumes

People all over the world fell in love with The Incredibles when it came out in 2004, and while everyone always wants the heroes to defeat the villains, a movie is so much better when the bad guy is a REALLY bad guy. That’s what we get here with Syndrome, this young man who has been spawned by his heroes and wants the ultimate revenge. His fiery red hair certainly gives him the look of a super-villain even if he has no superpowers of his own.

We know you’re going to love this Syndrome costume, and there’s no doubt you’ll have some jealous friends wanting to know where you got the costume idea. Send them here to Costume Wall, and they can find their own Incredibles costume ideas such as Violet ParrElastigirlFrozone, Dash Parr, and Screenslaver.

Syndrome Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into Syndrome, the memorable antagonist from Pixar’s “The Incredibles.” Our detailed costume guide FAQ is designed to help you recreate Syndrome’s distinctive and vibrant supervillain look. Learn how to assemble a Syndrome costume that captures his unique style and embodies the character’s flair for dramatics and high-tech gadgetry.

Syndrome's outfit is characterized by its bold and futuristic design. Essential elements include a black bodysuit with distinctive white, jagged patterns resembling lightning bolts. He wears long, black gloves and black boots with white accents. The costume is completed with a flowing cape in a bright, contrasting color like blue or red.

Syndrome's hair is one of his most iconic features, known for its bright, fiery red color and spiked, upward style. To replicate this, use a wig that matches this description, or style your own hair using strong-hold gel or hair spray, and consider temporary red hair color for the correct shade.

Syndrome's boots are part of his supervillain attire. Opt for black boots with a high, futuristic cut, and add white detailing to match his costume's pattern. The boots should appear sleek and somewhat armored, aligning with his high-tech theme.

Key accessories for Syndrome's costume include a pair of black, fingerless gloves and his iconic cape. If you're adept at crafting, you can also create props like his wrist gauntlets, which feature various buttons and lights, to resemble his high-tech gadgets.

Syndrome is known for his memorable lines and monologues. Here are a few quotes you can use to bring your costume to life: "Oh, I'm real. Real enough to defeat you! And I did it without your precious gifts, your oh-so-special powers.," "You sly dog! You got me monologuing!," "I am Syndrome, your nemesis!" and "And when everyone's super... no one will be." Using these quotes can help embody Syndrome's overconfidence and flair for the dramatic, making your portrayal more authentic and engaging.

About Syndrome

Syndrome is a fictional character from the animated movie The Incredibles, where he is voiced by actor Jason Lee. His real name is Buddy Pine, and he adopts the moniker of Syndrome when he becomes a super-villain. He wasn’t always that way though. As a child he used to follow Mr. Incredible around, wanting to be his sidekick and even called himself IncrediBoy. He has no superpowers though, and Mr. Incredible finds him annoying and sends him back to his parents.

Eager for revenge, Syndrome becomes an evil genius, highly skilled with gadgets and inventions which he intends to use against superheroes. His goal is to make it possible for everybody to do the things superheroes can do, thus rendering them obsolete. He also tries to lure superheroes to his evil lair and kill them but fails when his Omnidroids turn against him. He tries to abduct Jack-Jack, Mr. Incredible’s son; however, this fails because the toddler’s supremely strong set of superpowers started emerging.


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