How to Dress Like Susie Derkins

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Brown Bob Wig
Green T-Shirt
Blue Overalls Shorts
White Ankle Socks
White Canvas Shoes
Brown Plush Bunny

Best Susie Derkins Costume Guide

Susie Derkins is a character that appears in the popular Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. She’s a girl that lives in Calvin’s neighborhood and is also the only character in the comic given a full name. She is a polar opposite of Calvin. Susie takes her studies very seriously and always dutifully completes her piano lessons as expected. She also loves to build snowmen, which unlike Calvin’s, are more beautiful and a lot less weird. Dress up like the girl from Calvin and Hobbes with this Susie Derkins costume guide.

To cosplay Susie Derkins, start by wearing a Brown Bob Wig. After all, her hairstyle is a pretty important part of her look. Next, wear her iconic Green T-Shirt and Blue Overalls Shorts. After that, lace up a pair of White Canvas Shoes with White Ankle Socks. And finally, don’t forget her favorite toy, the Brown Plush Bunny Mr. Buns!

Susie Derkins Cosplay Costumes

Susie Derkins is a 6-year-old little girl from the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. Most of the time, she is really cute and incredibly adorable. That is unless she has a fight with Calvin. Which happens often because she has the complete opposite personality of Calvin. Then, she becomes extremely angry and throws snide remarks (and even snowballs) at him. Susie Derkins would be a really fun cosplay for you. But don’t do it alone. Tell your friends to join in on the fun!

Your friends can dress up as their favorite comic strip characters as well. They can dress up like well-known characters like Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Snoopy, Lucy van Pelt, and Calvin. Or, you could go for more of a grown-up cosplay such as Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead. If none of these costume guides are what you’re looking for, Costume Wall has hundreds of costume guides to give you the best cosplay ideas.

Susie Derkins Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the world of “Calvin and Hobbes” by dressing up as Susie Derkins, the intelligent and often exasperated friend of Calvin. This costume guide FAQ is designed to help fans create an accurate portrayal of Susie, reflecting her sensible, patient, and kind-hearted nature as seen in the comic strip.

Susie Derkins' outfit is typically that of a young, sensible girl. It often consists of a simple, knee-length dress or a skirt and blouse combination, often in pastel or subdued colors. She is also seen wearing Mary Jane shoes and sometimes a ribbon or headband in her hair. Her clothing reflects her more grounded and pragmatic personality compared to Calvin's wild imagination.

Susie has short, straight brown hair, often styled with a hairband or a bow. To replicate her hairstyle, you can either style your own hair to match her length and look or use a brown wig cut to the appropriate length. Adding a ribbon or a simple hairband will complete the hairstyle.

Susie's look is that of a typical young girl, so minimal makeup is appropriate, perhaps just a little blush to give a cheerful, youthful appearance. Accessories could include a small handbag, a book (as she's often portrayed as studious), or a stuffed animal to interact with as if it were one of Calvin's imaginary creations.

Susie often displays expressions of patience, mild annoyance, or confusion in response to Calvin's antics. She is also portrayed as being sweet and smiling. Adopting poses of her playing with dolls, reading a book, or engaging in a 'matter-of-fact' conversation with Calvin (or a stuffed tiger) would be characteristic.

Including some of Susie's quotes can enhance the authenticity of your costume. Notable quotes include: "Sometimes I think books are the only friends worth having.," "Calvin, can't you just be normal?," "I suppose we all outgrow our childish fantasies eventually.," "You know, you'd be a much nicer person if you weren't such a jerk!" and "I'm going to be a scientist when I grow up." These quotes reflect Susie's practical, intelligent, and occasionally witty personality, providing a contrast to Calvin's imaginative escapades.

About Susie Derkins

Susie Derkins is a popular character from the popular comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes. The 6-year-old girl seems to be cute, adorable, and a pleasure to be around. But, she’s Calvin’s worst nightmare and does her best to make a fool him, especially during class. She is good at her studies and does her homework on time. Yet, even though she’s a model student, she still cheats from time to time.

She has a soft spot in her heart for Hobbes, which annoys Calvin. As for Calvin and Susie, both like each other but they suppress these feelings. Instead, they communicate with each other by fighting, arguing, and insulting each other. And just like Calvin has his toy, Hobbes, Susie has a pet toy rabbit called Mr. Buns. Unlike Hobbes, who is alive, Mr. Buns isn’t very life-like and doesn’t talk a whole lot. Still Susie loves him though. Being Calvin’s apparent love interest, she is a great character to cosplay!

Susie Derkins

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