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Best Susie Carmichael Costume Guide

Susanna Yvonne Carmichael, or Susie as she is better known, is a recurring character from the children’s TV series Rugrats. As a three-year-old, she is looked up to by Tommy and the other rugrats, in no small part due to the way she looks out for them whenever the nasty Angelica is around. She is friendly, quick to help others, and always energetic, but she isn’t immune to having the occasional tantrum herself!

Susie is known to have a lot of toys, which is yet another quality the rugrats admire in her. Angelica, on the other hand, gets incredibly annoyed at this fact, particularly if it is revealed Susie has a toy that she herself doesn’t have. If you want to transform into the cute little toddler with a kind heart, you’ll need to get yourself a Ladies Wig, Hair Bands, ¾ Sleeve Tunic Tops, Self-Adhesive Sticker, Capri Legging and TOMS Women’s Classics.

Susie Carmichael Cosplay Costumes

Unless you’ve taken up residence under a rock for the last 20+ years, we’re guessing you know the Rugrats and may have even grown up watching them daily. Not to mention the immensely popular television series which was staple viewing for most kids, they also made some movies where they were all grown up.

This is excellent news for you eager cosplayers out there because nobody wants to turn up to a costume party and have to explain who you’re dressed as, right? No danger of that here, with Susie’s familiar purple and yellow tunic – just make sure you turn your wig into that crazy haired look she has. And if your friends want to join in and need some costume ideas, check out our costume ideas for Chuckie Finster, Didi Pickles, Dr. Lipschitz, and Stu Pickles!

Susie Carmichael Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the playful and imaginative world of “Rugrats” with our Susie Carmichael costume guide FAQ. As one of the beloved characters in the series, Susie is known for her kind nature, intelligence, and colorful attire. This guide will help you recreate her iconic look, perfect for nostalgic themed parties, cartoon events, or any occasion where you want to bring this cheerful character to life.

Susie Carmichael's outfit is bright and colorful, reflecting her lively personality. Essential components include a purple T-shirt with a yellow star in the center, light blue shorts with a darker blue belt, and yellow socks with red stripes. She often wears a pair of red sneakers. Completing the look, Susie has two puffy hair bunches, typically styled with green hair ties.

Susie's hairstyle is distinctive with her hair in two puffy bunches. If you have similar hair, use green hair ties to replicate her style. If not, consider using a wig styled in two puffs, securing them with green bands to match her look.

Since Susie is a young child in the series, makeup should be minimal or child-like. A little blush for rosy cheeks and some light lip gloss would be sufficient to emulate her youthful appearance.

While Susie doesn't typically carry distinctive accessories, you could add a small plush toy or a prop resembling one of the toys from the "Rugrats" series to enhance the playful aspect of your costume.

Susie Carmichael is known for her bright smile and confident, friendly demeanor. Practice posing with a big, cheerful smile and adopt an upbeat, positive attitude to embody her character. Mimicking her hands-on-hips stance or her enthusiastic waves can also help capture her lively personality.

About Susie Carmichael

Susie Carmichael is a fictional character in the timeless children’s show Rugrats, and she was first seen in an episode dedicated to her whole family titled ‘Meet The Carmichaels.’ Susie is known to be kind-hearted, friendly and energetic. She always wants to help others, and in particular, she teaches some of the rugrats how to stand up for themselves against the mean toddler Angelica. She is almost the anti-Angelica, but although they have a rivalry Susie does try her best to make friends with her.

Susie is also quite intelligent for her age, evidenced by her ability to speak French, and her general wisdom when it comes to understanding adults. She is also a talented tap-dancer, not to mention the owner of many toys. All of these things combine to make her a favorite toddler among all of the babies on Rugrats!

Susie Carmichael

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