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Summer Smith Costume Guide
Fuchsia Tank Top
White Pants
Orange Wig
Black Slip On

Best Summer Smith Halloween Costume Guide

You have seen Summer Smith the 17-year-old sister on the animated show, Rick and Morty. While Rick and Morty do everything together, Summer feels like she is left behind and never included in the inter-dimensional adventures! Summer, who is voiced by Spencer Grammer, is an ordinary teenage girl. She acts out toward Rick (more so than Morty) because he never wants to bring her along. She’ll just stick to posting pictures on social media to gain status among her friends. Get the look of this superficial teenager with this Summer Smith costume guide.

Get Summer’s teenager style with a Fuchsia Tank Top, White Pants, Black Slip Ons, and an Orange Wig. Since she’s never included in on any thrilling exploits, she doesn’t need clothing other than her basic style. A simple wardrobe to match a simple life, right?

Summer Smith Cosplay Costumes

We see Summer from time to time on Rick and Morty with her brother and grandfather. She is usually upset because she’s been left out yet again! You can get Summer’s lonesome look by searching your own closet for a fuchsia colored tank top and a pair of white pants. You may already own black slip-on shoes as well! Any of those items can be found in a thrift store or online if you can’t find them in your own closet. Finish off the look by heading over to the costume shop for an orange wig to match Summer’s hair color. It’s usually pulled back in a ponytail. Get ready to complain about being left behind again!

Even if Summer sticks to her own daily life, grab a couple of your friends to dress as Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith because she’s always begging to join in on their fun! Now that you have a group costume, send us a picture of your completed cosplay for everyone to see in the Rick and Morty costume gallery!

About Summer Smith

Summer Smith is the teenage daughter of Beth and Jerry Smith, even though she found out she was an unwanted pregnancy. She still sticks around the family despite their constant drama. Summer has the constant feeling of being unwanted because her brother, Morty, and grandfather, Rick, spend all of their time together. Summer and Morty usually act like they can’t stand each other, but at the end of the day, they both care for each other.

Summer starts out with the personality of a typical teenage girl, not wanting anything to do with her family and spending as little time with them as possible. She’s also seen spending most of her time on social media, but as the seasons go on, Summer starts to grow up and spend more time with her family despite their issues and drama.

Summer Smith

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