How to Dress Like Sugilite

Female TV Shows
Pointy V Cosplay Glasses
Purple Face Paint
Black / Purple Fabric Paint
Purple Wig
Black Star Patch
Purple Star Patch
Temporary Eye Tattoo
Purple Round Acrylic Gems
Short Sleeve Unitard
Black Bandage Tape
Mannequin Arms
Purple Suede Chunky Heel Boots
Vampire Fangs
Over the Elbow Bridal Satin Gloves

Best Sugilite Costume Guide

Sugilite is a character from the Cartoon Network TV show, Steven Universe. She is formed when Amethyst and Garnet both fuse together by doing the fusion dance. The fusion has a stocky build with four arms. Her gemstones are located on her chest and the palms of the hands on her upper arms. Sugilite cares only for herself and often uses her power for personal gain. This cosplay is a bit complex so prepare yourself for the next part.

Wear the Short Sleeve Unitard, the Purple Contact Lenses, and the Purple Face Paint. Next, put on a Purple Wig. You’ll also need to wear the Black Star Patch and the Purple Star Patch. Put on the Vampire Fangs and Temporary Eye Tattoo. Then, wear the Black Bandage Tape, Mannequin Arms, and Purple Suede Heel Boots. Accessorize by putting on a pair of Pointy V Cosplay Glasses and the Over The Elbow Satin Gloves. Wrap up the look with Purple Round Acrylic Gems and Black/Purple Fabric Paint.

Sugilite Cosplay Costumes

Sugilite is deadly, strong, and can be extremely useful in emergency situations. She has four arms, five eyes, and a stocky build which is capable of destroying even the toughest of obstacles. Cosplaying Sugilite, who appears on Steven Universe, can be extremely fun seeing that she is wearing such an elaborate costume. She is a part of the rebellious Crystal Gems, by being the fusion of three other gems. That’s why cosplaying her alone is not the best choice!

Instead, gather up your friends and ask them to dress up as their own favorite gems from the Steven Universe TV Show. And since there are other fusions available like Sugilite, it will be fun to go with other fusions like StevonnieSmoky Quartz, or Sardonyx. If you want more inspiration on what you can cosplay, feel free to check out more of our costume guides. There is something for everyone. Send us pictures of your final Steven Universe cosplay! We’d love to put it up as our featured images.

Sugilite Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a vibrant and powerful journey into the world of “Steven Universe” with our detailed FAQ on crafting a Sugilite costume. Sugilite, known for her formidable presence and dynamic personality, offers a unique opportunity for cosplayers. This guide will assist you in capturing her essence, from her striking appearance to her larger-than-life attitude, ensuring your transformation into this fusion character is both accurate and impressive.

Sugilite's outfit is characterized by its bold and powerful design. Key elements include a black, sleeveless bodysuit with a cut-out design, a pair of dark purple leggings or tights, and a matching, sleeveless, short-cropped top. Sugilite's look is accented with neon pink, geometric patterns, and she wears fingerless gloves. The bodysuit and leggings should be form-fitting to emulate her strong, muscular build.

Sugilite's hair is one of her most striking features. It's a large, voluminous, and curly afro-style wig in a vibrant purple color. For her face, use face paint or makeup to create a light purple skin tone. Sugilite has four eyes, so creating the illusion of extra eyes above your natural ones using makeup can be a creative touch.

Sugilite's accessories include a pair of angular sunglasses with a neon pink frame and dark lenses. She also wears large, hoop earrings. To complete the look, consider creating a replica of her weapon – a massive flail – using lightweight materials like foam for safety and ease of carrying.

Sugilite's color palette is primarily dark purple and black, with accents of neon pink. The patterns on her clothing are geometric and angular, reflecting her fierce and bold personality. Ensure that these colors and patterns are prominent in your costume to capture her true essence.

Absolutely! Sugilite's dialogue is as impactful as her physical presence. Here are some memorable quotes: "I forgot how great it feels to be me!," "You like that, little man?," "I can be brash, you can be reckless, and we can both get carried away.," "I am myself, and I'm sick of being split up!" and "Who wants to watch a cartoon about people crying?." These quotes capture Sugilite's confident and headstrong personality, making them perfect for adding an extra layer of character to your cosplay.

About Sugilite

Sugilite combines the stubborn attitude of Garnet and the recklessness of Amethyst. The resulting combination is a character that is extremely toxic and uncontrollable. Sugilite, while deadly and experienced at performing dangerous missions successfully, is also selfish, thinking only of herself. Having Garnet’s fixed mindset and Amethyst’s lack of respect for rules, Sugilite does whatever she wants and doesn’t easily listen.

There is only one person Sugilite listens to, and that is the main character, Steven. She never intentionally targets Steven and wants to impress him. But, she holds a deep grudge towards Pearl, stemming from Amethyst’s rivalry of her. Her greatest strength is her sheer size and rocky build which she uses to crush even the deadliest of obstacles and opponents.


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