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Homestar Runner is one of the original animated web series that was created by two brothers, Mike and Matt Chapman. The hilarious web show is known for its parodies and its wide-ranging pop culture references from the 70s to the 2000s. The animated videos first began to appear on their website and were later uploaded to YouTube when the site first started. 

Strong Sad is part of the Brothers Strong. His brother, Strong Bad, is seen as the main character, but that hasn’t stopped the fans from showing their love for the younger, gray brother. He doesn’t have a great relationship with his two brothers, often being abused by them. He’s very soft-spoken and depressed at times but is also creative and smart. He enjoys writing, especially poetry, and loves music and hands-on crafts. Follow this Strong Sad costume guide to match the look of the underdog character in Homestar Runner. To get the look, dress up in Grey Sweatpants, Grey Sweatshirt, Fluffy Shoes, White Face Paint, and a White Beanie.

Strong Sad Cosplay Costumes

Strong Sad is a unique looking character that is very round in shape. He has elephant feet and is gray and white. So, his appearance is easy to match with everyday clothing. It just needs to be the right color. His lack of color is a clear indication of his chronic depression as he finds it hard to see the good in his every day. He spends most of his time alone, reading books, listening to music, writing, and maybe doing some arts and crafts. He also loves playing board games and enjoys going to science-fiction or fantasy conventions. Although he’s incredibly quiet and socially awkward, he’s also pretty smart and has many talents that tend to remain hidden behind closed doors. 

Strong Sad may prefer to be alone, but that doesn’t mean you have to be. Why not bring a friend or two along with you dressed as Homsar, Strong Bad, or even Strong Mad? We’d love to see how your cosplay turns out, so don’t forget to submit an entry to the annual Halloween Costume Contest! 

About Strong Sad

Strong Sad is a character from the early 2000’s animated series, Homestar Runner. Matt Chapman, co-creator of the show and the primary voice for the entire cast, voices Strong Sad. Strong Sad is the youngest in the Brothers Strong group. His relationship with his brothers, especially Strong Bad, isn’t that great. They used to get along well when they were younger, but now Strong Sad is abused by them. This abuse is probably one of the main reasons why he has chronic depression and why he is awkward in social situations. 

Most days Strong Sad spends time alone or with his best friend, Homsar. He does enjoy playing board games. Strong Sad has many creative hobbies, including listening to music, reading, making music, writing poetry, calligraphy, and safety. He is picky about grammar and pronunciation of words and takes time to correct people’s grammar. Strong Sad thinks he’s just friendly and helpful, but the characters don’t take it well.

Strong Sad

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