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Striking Viper Costume Guide

Best Striking Viper Halloween Costume Guide

The Netflix show, Black Mirror has quickly become a popular science fiction show. The focus of the show is to take a look at how society currently works and how a boost in technology could lead to severe consequences. The first episode of the fifth season is entitled Striking Vipers. This episode stars Anthony Mackie, Nicole Beharie, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Pom Klementieff, and Ludi Lin. Things get a little complicated when best friends Danny and Karl start playing a VR version of an old video game favorite of theirs. They enter a battle together, feeling each punch, and then find that their characters begin to kiss. The kiss makes Danny and Karl uncomfortable, and they quit the game immediately. However, they are still a little curious as to what happened between them. 

Dress up as one of the players, Roxette, from the game Striking Vipers with this DIY costume guide. Roxette is unforgettably dressed and you can be too with a White Wig, Bodycon Dress, Dress Belt, Fingerless Glove, Leather Fingerless Gloves, and Combat Boots.

Striking Viper Cosplay Costumes

The show, Black Mirror, can get a little complicated at times. Each episode has multiple characters, played by other characters, within a game. A show like this brings about many topics of discussion, but also unique ways to create fun cosplays. Roxette is a character from a video game, so don’t be worried that your costume might look over the top. It’s supposed to be bright and a little ridiculous!

You’ll soon be ready for teamwork, and maybe some throwdowns along the way. Roxette is a skilled fighter with a hunger for action and is much stronger than she looks. Her look can quickly become a group cosplay with only a couple of additional characters. You and a friend can be Lance and Roxette, or you could also have Danny and Karl come along for a neat side by side! Just make sure you don’t let the game get to your head.

About Striking Viper

Striking Vipers is the first episode in season five of Netflix’s Black Mirror. It was written by Charlie Brooker and takes a look at the difference between virtual reality and real life. Danny Parker, played by Anthony Mackie, and Karl Houghton, played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen, used to play a video game called Striking Vipers while in their late twenties. Eleven years later, Karl gives Danny a copy of Striking Vipers VR. The two of them play it together, being their old characters Lance and Roxette, and find that their characters start to kiss. This leads them to start having a virtual relationship inside the game.

After several weeks, Danny locks the game away after having a conversation with his wife. However, at his next birthday, he and Karl revisit the game once more. Although they don’t seem to have any feelings for each other out of the game, they still find themselves drawn towards the in-game experience. 

Striking Viper

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