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Stone Cold Steve Austin Costume Guide

Best Stone Cold Steve Austin Costume Guide

Stone Cold Steve Austin is a professional wrestler known for his time in the WWE. He started making a name for himself in the early nineties and quickly won many wrestling matches. He helped popularize the Attitude Era of WWE in the late nineties and was best known for being the beer-drinking anti-hero inside the ring. Austin became known for his vulgar and loud personality that defied the establishment and his boss. Steve Austin was forced to retire in 2003 due to several knee injuries, but his reputation and legacy continue to live on.

For the badass look of Stone Cold Steve Austin, you will need a Steve Austin Costume, Championship Belt, Knee Sleeves, Black Socks, Black Boots, and a pair of Wrestling Briefs. There’s no doubt you’ll knock out the competition when you have an outfit like this to give you the extra confidence you need.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Cosplay Costumes

Stone Cold Steve Austin was a loud back talker who would gladly raise his middle fingers to anyone and everyone that he felt deserved it. Often covered in beer before entering the ring, Stone Cold downed a glass or two before the match and shattering the glass on himself. Trained by Chris Adams, he quickly broke into the wrestling world with a bang. Steve Austin isn’t called Stone Cold for anything, and his costume shows it. His outfit is great for those who also want to raise a middle finger to the world. No one would dare cross you when dressed up as the legend himself.

Why not have a rematch with some of the other WWE wrestlers like Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, and The Rock. If you think your outfit should win the championship belt, don’t forget to send in a photo for our Halloween Costume Contest!

About Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin was born Steven James Anderson and quickly became one of the great wrestlers of the nineties. Following his training by Chris Adams, Steve Austin quickly found his way into the wrestling world. He started at WCCW and then promptly moved on to WCW, ECW, and finally WWE. During his time at ECW, Steve Austin developed the persona for Stone Cold, and after joining WWE, he made the name official.

After winning against several wrestlers, Steve Austin started challenging Bret Hart until he finally accepted. Although he lost to Hart, Austin determined to come back to seek revenge on Hart. Stone Cold Steve Austin was an anti-hero seen as vulgar and rude. He had a short fuse and didn’t like anyone poking fun at him. He retired in 2003 due to a knee injury but has continued to stay within the wrestling industry.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

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