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Stingy is one of the main characters from LazyTown, an Icelandic television series for children that is based on the 1995 children’s book by Magnús Scheving. He is the son of the wealthiest man in LazyTown and as such has grown up to be bossy and egocentric. His main hobby is to collect stuff, and his dream is to be the king of the world. Despite his bad character, he actually loves to play and interact with the kids his age in LazyTown. However, he becomes quite furious and jealous when somebody brings something new to play with that he doesn’t have.

Get the look of the possessive LazyTowner with this Stingy costume guide. Stingy’s signature look is highlighted by his button-down shirt, yellow vest and shorts, and polka dot bow tie. Make sure you also complement Stingy’s outfit with a black belt, white socks, and a pair of black dress shoes.

Stingy Cosplay Costumes

Stingy is very greedy and believes “possessions make the man.” One can assume that he grew up observing this being the son of the wealthiest man in LazyTown. Show writers note that his avid collecting is his way of feeling that he has things that others might want or need. These things may be for playtime or for the little adventures the gang is up to. Stingy’s outfit is an excellent pick for a costume because its design is loud and very particular.

Going to an event dressed like Stingy is also a great throwback to friends who grew up watching LazyTown as kids. Get the look of the selfish LazyTowner by following the suggested guide. If you want your Stingy costume to be easily recognized, it’s best to be accompanied by other LazyTowners. Have your best buds get into costumes like Pixel, Ziggy, and Stephanie.

Stingy Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the quirky and comical world of “LazyTown” with our costume guide FAQ for Stingy, the self-proclaimed owner of everything in town. Known for his orange attire and his possessive nature, Stingy’s outfit is a playful and distinctive representation of his character. This guide is perfect for fans and cosplayers who want to bring to life the essence of this memorable character from the popular children’s show.

Stingy's outfit is colorful and distinctive, reflecting his personality. The key components include a yellow sweater vest over a white long-sleeve shirt, an orange bow tie, and orange trousers. He also wears a pair of round, large eyeglasses and often carries a piggy bank, symbolizing his love for money and possessions. Stingy's outfit is both whimsical and iconic, capturing his unique character traits.

Stingy has neat, slicked-back hair, which is a key aspect of his well-groomed appearance. To replicate his hairstyle, aim for a neat, combed-back look, using gel or styling products to keep the hair in place. If your hair doesn't naturally match Stingy's style or color, consider using a wig that can be styled accordingly.

The appropriate footwear for a Stingy costume would be a pair of classic, dressy shoes in black or brown. These shoes should have a polished look, complementing his somewhat formal and tidy attire.

To enhance your Stingy cosplay, consider including his signature round eyeglasses and a piggy bank, which are iconic to his character. The piggy bank, in particular, is a playful nod to Stingy's obsession with owning things and his love for money.

To add authenticity to your Stingy cosplay, focus on embodying his confident and somewhat self-centered demeanor. Stingy is known for claiming ownership of everything around him and can be quite dramatic about it. Incorporating his catchphrase, "It's mine," and mimicking his theatrical and possessive gestures will bring a fun and accurate element to your portrayal of Stingy. By focusing on these elements, your Stingy costume will not only be visually accurate but will also capture the playful and possessive spirit of this character from "LazyTown."

About Stingy

What’s Stingy’s is only his, but whatever is yours must be shared. It’s easy to assume that Stingy is a single character who’s selfish and egocentric. However, what makes him a more likable character is his self-awareness. He knows that it’s a fault of his to be selfish. Even though he tries, he really can’t bring himself to change his ways.

His contrasting personality extends to feelings towards his friends. He admires Trixie’s free spirit but is also wildly jealous of her leadership ability. He covets Pixel’s gadgets and computers, cannot comprehend Ziggy’s generosity, and is continuously annoyed by Stephanie’s lack of interest in material things. Despite his feelings, Stingy still likes his friends deep down.

Another fun fact about Stingy is that he has one key that he carries everywhere. It’s his key to everything. It opens his piggy bank, starts his kiddie car, and unlocks the various security devices he uses to protect his possessions.


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