How to Dress Like Stevonnie

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Stevonnie Costume Guide
Women's Long Curly Wig
Steven Universe Star T-Shirt
Scoop Neck Woven Tank Top
Levi's Women's Bermuda Short
Pink Round Acrylic Jewel
Body Glue

Best Stevonnie Costume Guide

Stevonnie is the combination of Steven Universe and Connie from the hit television show Steven Universe. Stevonnie shares qualities like Steven’s free spirit and Connie’s intelligence. The fusion character shares one body with a similar physical appearance shared.

Cosplay Stevonnie by wearing a combination of Steven and Connie’s clothing. Get hair like Connie’s with a Women’s Long Curly Wig. Then, dress like both with a Steven Universe Star T-Shirt, a Scoop Neck Woven Tank Top, and Levi’s Women’s Bermuda Shorts. You’ll also need a Pink Round Acrylic Jewel to match Steven’s gem. The two fused together to create a whole new character on the show!

Stevonnie Cosplay Costumes

Creating characters for cosplay is always fun and challenging, but characters from Steven Universe are even more entertaining because you can create two characters in one like Stevonnie! Since Stevonnie is two characters combined, you will want to grab a couple of articles from each character to recreate this look.

Start with a long brown wig that looks like Connie’s brunette hair. Wear a red Steven Universe shirt that you would typically see him wearing, and then throw on an aqua colored women’s tank top over Steven’s t-shirt because Connie’s shirt is just as important! You want to represent both characters in this look, so add a pair of Bermuda shorts that Connie would be wearing and a small pink acrylic jewel that resembles Steven’s Rose Quartz Gem on the show. Stick that on your bellybutton with some body glue and you’ve got the look of Stevonnie! Others have recreated this look as well, so take a look at the cosplay gallery for a few tips. Send a picture of your costume when you have it complete!

About Stevonnie

We all know Steven from the show Steven’s Universe, and you may have heard of Connie too. Stevonnie is the fusion of Steven and Connie. The combination of these two are interesting because the two characters are pretty opposite in personality. Steven is known for being caring, generous, and free-spirited while Connie can be awkward and brilliant. Because their personalities are so strong individually, the two seem to fight over control when they are fused together.

The fusion of Stevonnie didn’t happen intentionally in the beginning. Steven and Connie were dancing and having fun when Steven trips and Connie catches him. When this happens, Steven’s gem is glowing, and their physical connection grew into the bond of fusion. The huge shock about their fusion is that humans were not supposed to be capable of fusing together! Steven and Connie changed history when they became Stevonnie!


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