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Steven Universe Costume Guide
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Best Steven Universe Costume Guide

Get the cosplay costume of Steven Universe, the main character in the animated TV series created by Rebecca Sugar for the Cartoon Network. The show is about a boy, voiced by Zach Callison, who lives in Beach City with humanoid aliens called “Crystal Gems.” Steven, who is half-Gem, helps the other Gems protect the world from their own kind. Dress up like Steven Universe with a Black Afro Wig, Levi’s Men’s Regular 505 Fit Jeans, Steven Universe Star T-Shirt, Red Flip Flops, and a Rose Quartz Steven Universe Cosplay Gem.


Steven Universe Cosplay Costumes

Since Steven’s appearance is mostly human, his look is quite easy to recreate. We have found all the best pieces for you, so it won’t take you long to have everyone thinking you’re the real Steven Universe walking around town. Even though you probably own most of these pieces already, don’t forget about the rose gem that should be placed on your navel. You can easily find this piece in most craft stores to save you some time.

It’s not very often that you see Steven without some of the Crystal Gems nearby, so this is the perfect opportunity for a group cosplay idea! If you have other cosplay events that you want to dress as another Steven Universe character, we have plenty! Check out Greg Universe, Pearl, Sapphire and tons of other Steven Universe costumes around our site. Send us a picture of you and your Steven Universe group costume. You can find loads of pictures of Steven Universe in our costume gallery because he’s just that awesome!

About Steven Universe

Steven Universe is the main character from the show “Steven Universe.” Steven is the main character because he is the first and only human-Gem hybrid child. While his father is a human and his mother is a Gem, the other Gems have always been welcoming and allow Steven to tag along in their everyday adventures! Steven is allowed to hang out with the Gems not only because of his Gem blood line, but because he is genuinely one of the nicest beings the Gems have ever come across. He can be quite resourceful in their times of need as well!

Steven has the qualities of both of his parents because he looks like a human, but he inherited a rose gem just like his mother. His gem is placed on his stomach right where his belly-button should be! Steven appreciates and listens to what the Gems tell him because he values them just as if they were his family. Steven wants to protect the universe just like the Gems do every day!

Steven Universe

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