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How to Dress Like Steven Universe

Steven Universe Star T-Shirt
Black Afro Wig
Levi's Men's Regular 505 Fit Jeans
Rose Quartz Steven Universe Cosplay Gem
Red Flip Flops
  1. Steven Universe Star T-Shirt Check Price
  2. Black Afro Wig Check Price
  3. Levi's Men's Regular 505 Fit Jeans Check Price
  4. Rose Quartz Steven Universe Cosplay Gem Check Price
  5. Red Flip Flops Check Price

Best Steven Universe Costume Guide

Get the cosplay costume of Steven Universe, the main character in the animated TV series created by Rebecca Sugar for the Cartoon Network. The show is about a boy, voiced by Zach Callison, who lives in Beach City with humanoid aliens called “Crystal Gems.” Steven, who is half-Gem, helps the other Gems protect the world from their own kind. Dress up like Steven Universe with a Black Afro Wig, Levi’s Men’s Regular 505 Fit Jeans, Steven Universe Star T-Shirt, Red Flip Flops, and a Rose Quartz Steven Universe Cosplay Gem.


Steven Universe Cosplay Inspiration

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