How to Dress Like Steve Zissou

Male Movies
Men's Uniform Shirt Light Blue
Long Beanie - Red
Black Leather Dress Watch
Wooden Titanic Model Kit
Scrub Pant
Right Handed Leg Holster
Spring Air Pistol
Shoe String King Flat Shoelaces
Adidas Originals Men's Italia

Best Steve Zissou Costume Guide

Steve Zissou is the title character from Wes Anderson’s 2004 comedy The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Unlike any character you’ve seen, Zissou is a quirky oceanographer determined to seek revenge on the deathly Jaguar Shark that killed his partner! He is an eccentric character, portrayed by Bill Murray, that is the captain of the research vessel the Belafonte. Steve Zissou is a parody of the French diver Jacques Cousteau. Before tracking down the Jaguar Shark check out the Steve Zissou costume guide.

Cosplay Steve Zissou’s look with a Red Long Beanie, Uniform Shirt in Light Blue, Scrub Pants, and a pair of Adidas Originals Men’s Italia with King Flat Shoelaces. Get the necessary accessories with a Black Leather Dress Watch, Right Handed Leg Holster, Spring Air Pistol, and a Wooden Titanic Model Kit.

Steve Zissou Cosplay Costumes

Head out on an ocean excursion cosplaying the eccentric Steve Zissou from the comedyThe Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou for your next costume! The title character, played by Bill Murray in the movie, is already super funny, but you can add your own personality to the character to make it even more hilarious. Check out the costume guide to get all the pieces you need to completely recreate this look.

First, wear a light blue uniform shirt with matching scrub pants. Then, put on Steve Zissou’s signature red beanie. Over the pants, add a right-handed leg holster with a spring air pistol. For shoes, slip on a pair of Adidas original Italia shoes with some yellow King Flat shoelaces. Add a black leather wrist watch and don’t forget a wooden Titanic model boat to carry around with you! Once you’re ready to set sail dressed up as Steve Zissou, send a picture of your costume to be featured in this gallery.

Steve Zissou Costume Tips & FAQs

Set sail on an adventure into the quirky world of “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” with our Steve Zissou costume guide FAQ. Embrace the idiosyncrasies of the famous oceanographer as we delve into your top questions about capturing his iconic and eccentric look for your next costume.

Steve Zissou's iconic look is characterized by a light blue, short-sleeved work shirt, white pants, and a red knit cap. He also wears a pair of white sneakers, typically Adidas with blue stripes. The outfit is completed with a pair of large, aviator-style glasses.

Zissou's light blue work shirt is a key element. You can replicate it by finding a similar shirt and adding a patch with the name "Zissou" or the image of a small submarine, which represents his oceanographic research vessel, the Belafonte. Iron or sew the patch onto the chest area of the shirt.

Essential accessories for a Steve Zissou costume include his signature red knit cap, aviator glasses, and a fake beard to mimic his rugged look. Additionally, carrying a mock-up of his underwater camera or a pair of binoculars can enhance the oceanographer theme.

Steve Zissou is known for his white Adidas sneakers with blue stripes. If you can't find an exact match, any white sneakers with a similar style will work. The key is to keep them as close to the original as possible for authenticity.

Including quotes from Steve Zissou can bring your costume to life. Some notable quotes include: "This is an adventure.," "I'm going to find it and I'm going to destroy it. I don't know how yet. Possibly with dynamite.," "Don't point that gun at him, he's an unpaid intern.," "Son of a bitch, I'm sick of these dolphins." and "We'll give them the reality this time. A washed-up old man with no friends, no distribution deal, wife on the rocks, people laughing behind his back, and then we'll see how much they like it." These quotes capture the unique and humorous spirit of Steve Zissou, making them perfect for enhancing your portrayal of the character.

About Steve Zissou

Steve Zissou and his partner, Esteban du Plantier, were on a mission to explore the ocean when Esteban was suddenly killed by a Jaguar Shark. Now, Steve Zissou, played by Bill Murry, is determined to seek justice for his partner, and document the killing of the Jaguar Shark in his latest documentary! His crew during the excursion includes colleagues played by actors such as Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum, Owen Wilson, and Cate Blanchett!

During the expedition to track down the Jaguar Shark, insanity unfolds! Zissou and one of his fellow crew mates, Ned, fight over a woman named Jane who has joined them. The crew is attacked by pirates, and their helicopter crashes. Though Zissou ultimately confronts the Jaguar Shark, he doesn’t kill the beautiful creature for his documentary. Join the crew on the research vessel, the Belafonte, as you sets sail for the journey of a lifetime!

Steve Zissou

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