How to Dress Like Steve Trevor

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Turtleneck Sweater
Shearling Brown Leather Bomber Jacket
WW2 Brown Leather Blazer
Brown Work Pants
Brown Leather Gloves
US Army Khaki Putties
Brown Combat Boots

Best Steve Trevor Costume Guide

While Diana, Princess of the Amazons, is the main focus of the DC Extended Universe film, Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, portrayed by Chris Pine, played a major role as well. Steve was a spy in the United States Army during World War I as a member of the Air Service 94th Aero Squadron. He met Diana after accidentally crash landing on her island. The two then team up to stop Doctor Maru’s bombs with a deadlier form of mustard gas. Steve ultimately sacrifices himself to foil the plan and help save the world. Get the look the love interest of Wonder Woman with this Steve Trevor costume guide.

Get Steve’s classic style for your next Halloween costume or cosplay event with a Turtleneck Sweater, Brown Leather Vest, Green Cargo Pants, and a pair of Brown Boots. Add a Leather Buffing Brown Trench Coat and Brown Leather Gloves to get Steve’s slick military style to complete the look!

Steve Trevor Cosplay Costumes

Steve Trevor from the movie, Wonder Woman, has a suave style about him and you can get the same cosplay look too. Grab a turtleneck sweater and green cargo pants out of your own closet, or head to a thrift store instead. Find a similar leather vest, leather gloves, and leather boots online. We recommend securing a matching trench coat online as well! Steve Trevor’s vintage World War II look will always be in style for Halloween or any cosplay event!

Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman quickly became a team to fight evil, so find your favorite companion to dress up alongside you as Diana, Princess of the Amazons! Once you have your costume completed, send us a picture that we can feature in the cosplay gallery to give others costume inspiration!

Steve Trevor Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the thrilling world of the DC Extended Universe with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ for Steve Trevor, as seen in the “Wonder Woman” film. This guide is crafted to help you embody the courageous and charismatic character played by Chris Pine. We’ll delve into the key aspects of Steve Trevor’s World War I era attire, providing insights to create an authentic and detailed costume reflective of his role in the film.

Steve Trevor's costume reflects his role as a World War I spy and pilot. Key elements include a military-style olive drab or khaki jacket, a light-colored shirt, a tie, and classic wool trousers. His outfit is completed with a leather belt, lace-up boots, and a pilot's cap or a fedora, depending on the scene. The costume should have a rugged, utilitarian feel, appropriate for a soldier and spy of his era.

Look for a vintage or replica military jacket from the World War I period. The jacket should be olive drab or khaki, with details like epaulettes, buttoned pockets, and a notched collar. Adding patches or insignia relevant to the era can enhance authenticity.

Choose high-waisted wool trousers in a shade that complements the jacket, such as khaki or a muted green. For footwear, opt for leather lace-up boots that would be typical of a WWI soldier. The boots should be practical and sturdy, reflecting the demands of military life.

Essential accessories for Steve Trevor's costume include a leather belt, a period-appropriate tie, and a wristwatch. Depending on the scene you're recreating, you might also consider a pilot's cap, a fedora, or a satchel or briefcase. These items add depth to the costume and reflect Steve Trevor's role as an intelligence officer.

Including quotes from Steve Trevor can add a dynamic aspect to your cosplay. Some memorable lines from the "Wonder Woman" film include: "I can't let you do this.," "I wish we had more time.," "I'm a spy! It's what I do!," "I can save today. You can save the world." and "You are my greatest sorrow." These quotes capture Steve Trevor's bravery, his sense of duty, and his profound respect and love for Wonder Woman, making them ideal for enhancing a portrayal of his character in cosplay.

About Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor can fly anything with wings as seen in the DC Extended Universe film, Wonder Woman. He’s an officer the United States Army Air Service 94th Aero Squadron working for the UK military. His spy mission is an attempt to put a stop to Doctor Maru’s pans of releasing deadly mustard gas into the world! Steve finds a notebook that contains Doctor Maru’s plans to use it. Steve Trevor makes a decision to steal the notebook and escape. As he flies across the ocean with the notebook, Steve is shot down and crashes on the island of Themyscira, also known as Paradise Island.

Diana, Princess of the Amazons, who is also known as Wonder Woman, is the first to find and rescue Steve Trevor. Diana is surprised as she has never seen a man before. The two journey to London together in hopes of stopping the evil plans to use the deadly mustard gas. Steve teaches Diana the ways of humanity, and she teaches him all about her people and her powers. They pair up to fight evil and eventually become love interests as Steve sacrifices his life to save humanity.

Steve Trevor

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