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American Dad! is an animated sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane that stars an upper-middle-class family known as the Smiths. It’s your everyday family, fit with a CIA agent father, talking goldfish, and an alien. The series follows the bizarre and exciting life of the Smith family both inside and outside their home. Each character has an eccentric personality leading to funny mishaps and unfortunate circumstances. 

Steve Smith is the son of Stan and Francine. He has a couple of close friends that he spends his time playing Dungeons and Dragons and make-believe Star Trek. Steve loves online gaming, reading Elvish, and anything related to fantasy or sci-fi. Steve thinks he’s a pretty cool guy at first, but over time realizes that he’s really just a geek. To get his dorky look from American Dad! follow this Steve Smith costume guide. Cosplay the complete look with a Red Shirt, Orange Shirt, Blue Jeans, Eye Glasses and Sneakers.

Steve Smith Cosplay Costumes

In the show American Dad!, Steve Smith is around 14-years-old. So, he only recently hit puberty. Steve is under the impression that this makes him the coolest guy around and prides himself on that fact. Now that he’s becoming a true man, he wants to get a girlfriend and lose his virginity, though he’s not specific about the order. Steve’s typical outfit is great for last-minute cosplayers as it’s super easy to put together. You’ll probably be able to find most of the costume pieces in your wardrobe or even a friend’s. Using existing clothes means you won’t have to spend much money on a costume!

To make this look to go from fun to fantastic, you’ll want to get your whole family involved! Make your costume into a group cosplay with other characters like Francine Smith, Stan Smith, Hayley Smith, Klaus Heissler, and Roger. Once you think your group looks like a typical American family, submit a photo to the annual Halloween Costume Contest!

Steve Smith Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the quirky and humorous universe of “American Dad!” with our meticulously crafted costume guide FAQ, focusing on the character Steve Smith. Known for his distinctive style and personality, Steve Smith is a favorite among fans of the series. Our guide is designed to answer your most pressing questions about recreating Steve’s iconic look, perfect for cosplay events, parties, or just for fun.

Steve Smith's classic outfit is quite simple and recognizable. It consists of a white short-sleeved dress shirt, light blue jeans, and brown shoes. To complete the look, he often wears a light blue, black-striped tie and glasses with a square frame.

Steve Smith has a distinctive hairstyle that is short, neat, and a bit curly on top. The hair color is brown. You can either style your own hair to match this look or opt for a wig that resembles his hairstyle.

For an authentic Steve Smith look, choose square-framed glasses. The frames are typically black or dark brown. If you don't require prescription glasses, you can use clear lens glasses or even frame-only glasses to achieve the look.

While Steve's outfit is generally straightforward, you can enhance your costume with a watch, as Steve is occasionally seen wearing one. Additionally, carrying a school backpack can add to the teenage character's school-going persona.

Steve Smith has several memorable lines that reflect his quirky, sometimes awkward personality. Some examples include: “I'm not good with big crowds.,” “Dad, you don't understand. I'm not like you. I'm not a winner.,” “I’m ready to grow up and face life's cruel setbacks.,” “Is it weird to say the sound of her chewing makes my heart race?” and “Why can't high school be like it is in the movies?.” These quotes and phrases are perfect for adding an extra layer of authenticity and humor to your Steve Smith cosplay, making it more engaging for both you and the audience.

About Steve Smith

Steve Smith is voiced by Scott Grimes and is a member of the Smith family in the animated sitcom, American Dad! Steve has a complicated relationship with his dad. Steve feels lied to and has the impression that he is used over and over again. Finally, Steve decides to stand up to his father. However, he doesn’t face his father directly. Instead, Steve gets his dad’s childhood bully to teach him a lesson.

Steve is normally seen as a bit of an outcast, though he might not know it. He thinks he’s pretty cool, especially having just hit puberty, and plans to get himself a girlfriend. What a lot of people don’t know about him, though, is how much spy stuff he’s picked up from his dad. The main reason he’s seen as an outcast is because of how geeky he is. He’s a huge fan of fantasy and science fiction related things and spends a lot of his time playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends. 

Steve Smith

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