How to Dress Like Steve Murphy

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Light Brown Leather Jacket
Aviator Sunglasses
Blonde Fake Mustache
Brown Belt Gold Buckle
DEA Badge
Leather Wallet Badge Holder
Dark Stone Jeans
Pistachio Color Dress Shirt
Brown Shoes

Best Steve Murphy Costume Guide

US DEA agent Steve Murphy is one of the main characters from the Netflix series, Narcos. Played by Boyd Holbrook, Steve Murphy along with Javier Pena are the two lead investigators hunting down Pablo Escobar, the drug kingpin, and leader of the Medellin Cartel. Though undercover, Murphy looks like a cop with his slicked back hair and leather jacket. He’s always been the guy chasing after drug traffickers, but he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into going after Pablo Escobar! Get the look of the DEA agent in Colombia with this Steve Murphy costume guide.

Cosplay Steve Murphy, the DEA agent, by layering a Pistachio Color Dress Shirt under a Light Brown Leather Jacket. Throw on some Dark Stone Jeans and a Brown Belt with Gold Buckle. Grab a fake DEA badge in a Leather Wallet Badge Holder to flash at anyone who questions your authority. Pull the Steve Murphy’s look together with some Aviator Sunglasses and a Fake Blonde Mustache.



Steve Murphy Cosplay Costumes

Forget dressing up as a plain old police officer this Halloween. Step up your game by dressing up as Steve Murphy, the US DEA agent appearing in the Netflix show Narcos! Any cosplay event or Halloween party is the perfect place to flash your DEA badge like you’re on the hunt for Pablo Escobar. Get a couple of your friends to dress as the drug king pin Pablo Escobar and Murphy’s DEA partner, Javier Pena. With both characters, you’ll have an awesome group cosplay!

Once you’ve convinced your friends to tag along, it’s time to get your own costume ready! Check your own closet for a belt, dark jeans, and aviator sunglasses. Any of those items can be found in a retail store along with the necessary leather jacket and dress shirt. The best place to find the DEA badge, holder, and fake mustache is a costume shop. We definitely want to see your Steve Murphy costume once you have it all put together. After following this Steve Murphy cosplay guide, send in a picture for others to see how you put it all together.

Steve Murphy Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the gritty and intense world of the 1980s drug war with our costume guide FAQ for Steve Murphy, the determined DEA agent from the acclaimed TV series “Narcos.” Known for his dedication to dismantling the dangerous drug cartels in Colombia, Steve Murphy’s outfit reflects the practical and unassuming style of a law enforcement officer in a high-stakes environment. This guide will help you capture the essence of his character, perfect for fans who want to portray a realistic and compelling figure from this dramatic series.

Steve Murphy's outfit in "Narcos" is typical of a DEA agent working abroad in the late 20th century. Key components include a lightweight, casual button-down shirt, often in neutral or muted colors like blue, beige, or grey. He pairs this with practical trousers, such as khakis or jeans, suitable for active fieldwork. Murphy's look is completed with sensible shoes, like loafers or sturdy boots, and a leather or canvas belt. He often wears a wristwatch and sunglasses, accessories that are both functional and fitting for his role. Murphy's hair is kept short and neat, and he sports a mustache, reflecting the popular styles of the time.

To replicate Steve Murphy's DEA attire, start with a comfortable button-down shirt in a neutral color. The shirt should be practical and not too formal. Pair it with khakis or durable jeans, and add a leather or canvas belt. For footwear, choose shoes that are comfortable for all-day wear and suitable for a variety of terrains, like loafers or boots.

Key accessories for Steve Murphy's costume include a classic wristwatch, which is practical for his line of work. Sunglasses with a simple, timeless design are also a staple in his attire, providing protection and adding to his undercover look. If you want to add more character-specific details, consider a prop badge or ID that signifies his DEA agent status.

For a more authentic Steve Murphy costume, maintain a short, neat hairstyle and, if possible, a mustache that matches the styles of the 1980s and 1990s. Carrying a notepad or a prop radio can also enhance the realism of portraying a DEA agent. These details will contribute to the believability of your portrayal as an agent working during a pivotal time in the war against drugs.

To enhance your portrayal of Steve Murphy, consider adopting his determined and focused demeanor. Memorable quotes like, "Sometimes you gotta do bad things to catch bad people," capture his pragmatic approach to law enforcement. Emphasizing his dedication to his mission, his analytical skills, and his ability to navigate complex and dangerous situations will add depth to your cosplay. Steve Murphy is a character defined by his commitment to justice and his resilience in the face of adversity, making him a compelling figure to portray from "Narcos."

About Steve Murphy

Steve Murphy is the DEA agent in Bogota, Columbia on a mission to stop the most notorious drug lord in history—Pablo Escobar. Murphy wasn’t always a part of the Drug Enforcement Administration though. He started out as a police officer catching kids smoking marijuana, having no idea he would one day be tasked to bring down the kingpin transporting cocaine illegally into the United States.

The Netflix show, Narcos, also tells the story of Murphy’s own struggles. He met his wife, Connie, when a group of his friends thought they would play a prank on him and say she was checking him out. The tables turned and Murphy ended up marrying the blonde from the bar. His attempt to separate his work with the DEA from his personal life proved to be more a challenge than he anticipated. This is Steve Murphy costume is a pretty serious cosplay!

Steve Murphy

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