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Best Steve Irwin Costume Guide

Steve Irwin was an Australian television personality who was also a zookeeper and passionate conservationist. The man known as The Crocodile Hunter had a larger-than-life personality and brought huge enthusiasm to everything he did. He became known throughout the world with the success of his hit TV show, The Crocodile Hunter. However, it was his work at his own Australia Zoo which was most important to the Aussie with the big smile. He was passionate about wildlife rescue, promoting wildlife awareness, and performing at the Australia Zoo (an endeavor now headed by his wife Terri and their children Bob and Bindi). Get the look of The Crocodile Hunter with this Steve Irwin costume guide.

Known also for his enthusiastic catchphrase “Crikey!”, Steve Irwin, unfortunately, passed away at age 44 when he was killed by a stingray barb going through his heart. If you want to transform yourself into one of Australia’s most loved personalities, Steve Irwin, get yourself a Groovy Blonde Wig, Men’s Work Shirt, Khaki Shorts, Black Socks, Hiking Boots, Digital Watch, and a Plush Crocodile.

Steve Irwin Cosplay Costumes

Personalities didn’t come much bigger than the man known as the Crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin. Nobody wants a boring character to cosplay, and you’re certainly not going to get that with this Aussie wildlife crusader. Anybody who was lucky enough to see the man in his element at Australia Zoo would know it’s not an act either. So if you’re a fun-loving, happy person who loves The Crocodile Hunter, this is the costume for you!

And you couldn’t get a much easier costume either, so if you’re ready to start taming some of the world’s scariest beasts, then get this one together, and you’re all set for your next event. We love seeing all of your cosplay pics too, so if you get out and about dressed as Steve ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ Irwin, make sure you enter our Halloween Costume Contest.

Steve Irwin Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on an adventure into the wild with our costume guide FAQ for Steve Irwin, the beloved and enthusiastic “Crocodile Hunter.” Known for his passion for wildlife and his daring encounters with animals, Steve Irwin’s iconic look is perfect for nature-themed events, costume parties, or as a tribute to this legendary wildlife enthusiast.

Steve Irwin's signature look is synonymous with wildlife conservation and adventure. His outfit typically consists of a khaki short-sleeved shirt, often with the Australia Zoo logo, khaki shorts, and sturdy hiking boots. His shirts were usually button-up with pockets, practical for his work in wildlife conservation.

Steve Irwin had short, light brown, slightly curly hair. To emulate his hairstyle, keep your hair short and casually styled, with a bit of volume. If your hair isn't naturally light brown or curly, consider using temporary hair dye or a wig that closely resembles his hair type.

Key accessories for a Steve Irwin costume include a wide-brimmed khaki hat, often seen in his adventures, and sometimes a pair of sunglasses. Additionally, carrying a stuffed toy crocodile or other Australian wildlife can add authenticity to the costume, reflecting his love and dedication to animals.

While Steve Irwin didn't wear any specific brands that were integral to his look, he was often seen in practical, durable outdoor clothing. Look for khaki shirts and shorts that are comfortable and suitable for outdoor activities. The Australia Zoo logo on the shirt is a distinctive touch if you can replicate it.

Steve Irwin was known for his enthusiastic and friendly demeanor, often using phrases like, "Crikey!", "Isn't she a beauty!", and "Have a look at this little beauty!" These phrases, along with his infectious enthusiasm and love for wildlife, are perfect for embodying his character and spirit.

About Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin was an Australian wildlife conservationist, television personality, and professional zookeeper at his very own wildlife sanctuary in Queensland, Australia. He became internationally famous for his television series The Crocodile Hunter, where audiences fell in love with his infectious personality, unique Australian catchphrases, and of course the dangerous business of dealing with crocodiles. He went on to host and co-host other shows such as Croc Files, The Crocodile Hunter Diaries and New Breed Vets.

Unfortunately, Steve Irwin died while filming a documentary Ocean’s Deadliest on the Batt Reef in Australia. A stingray barb pierced his heart while in the water, and he was aged 44 at the time. He is survived by wife Terri and his children Bob and Bindi Irwin who are following in his footsteps as conservationists and TV personalities in their own right. In 2018 he was also honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Steve Irwin

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