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Best Steve (Blue's Clues) Costume Guide

Steve Burns was the original host of popular Nickelodeon kid’s show Blue’s Clues. Known for his trademark stripy green and white top, this somewhat goofy host found his way into the hearts of children and parents alike. Between 1996 and 2002, Steve shared his on-screen adventures with Blue, an animated spotted dog who would leave paw prints as clues for the daily puzzle.

Blue leaves his clues; Steve takes the audiences through the puzzles and finishes each show in his Thinking Chair to see if he can come up with the answer to the daily puzzle. If you want to transform yourself into one of children’s television’s most popular characters, Steve from Blue’s Clues you’ll need a Green Rugby Shirt, Brown Pants, Brown Shoes, Blues Clues Plush, Blues Clues Reusable Notebook.

Steve (Blue's Clues) Cosplay Costumes

In the mid-90’s, parents everywhere were lamenting the lack of quality children’s television program, wanting more shows that were both fun and educational at the same time. Enter Steve and his trusty animated dog, Blue! If you were a kid in the late 90’s and early 2000’s or even a parent of young children, then you’d absolutely be familiar with Steve and his canine companion.

This costume would be perfect for any kind of flashback party – go as a favorite television personality from your childhood! Everyone at the event is bound to know who Steve is, as unlike many hosts on children’s television who will ear different clothes every show, Steve always had the same stripy green and white top on – making him a perfect candidate for a costume party. Remember we love seeing your costume photos, so if you try this great Steve from Blue’s Clues outfit, be sure to let us know.

Steve (Blue's Clues) Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a nostalgic adventure with our Gym Leader Steve from “Blue’s Clues” costume guide FAQ. Known for his iconic green-striped shirt and handy Thinking Chair, Steve is a beloved character who invites curiosity and joy. This guide is designed to help you recreate his classic look, perfect for children’s events, costume parties, or reliving cherished childhood memories.

Steve's outfit is simple yet iconic. The most essential item is his green-striped, rugby-style long-sleeve shirt. Pair this with comfortable khaki pants and brown casual shoes. To truly embody Steve's character, carry a handy 'notebook' and a large, green crayon for jotting down clues.

Steve has a neat, short hairstyle, typically in a dark brown color. Keep your hair tidy and use a little gel if needed to maintain the style. Steve's makeup is minimal, focusing on a clean, approachable look. Ensure a clean-shaven face to match his youthful appearance.

Absolutely! If you can't find a green-striped shirt, you can create one. Start with a plain green or white rugby shirt and add stripes using fabric paint or attaching strips of fabric in a contrasting color.

Steve is known for his gentle, friendly demeanor and his curious and engaging manner of speaking. Practice phrases like "We just got a letter," "Can you help me find the clue?" or "Right there! A clue!" to bring his character to life.

A key accessory for Steve's costume is his 'Handy Dandy Notebook,' which you can create using a small spiral notebook. Don't forget to attach a large, green crayon to the notebook. Adding a plush toy of Blue, the animated dog, would also greatly enhance the authenticity of your costume.

About Steve (Blue's Clues)

Between 1996 and 2002, Steve Burns was the host of the popular television show aimed at pre-schoolers, Blue’s Clues. The show saw Steve’s animated canine friend Blue leaving paw prints which represented mini-puzzles, which Steve and the audience needed to solve in order to work out the main daily puzzle. Their search for clues would lead them on a journey through a variety of colorful sets and magical doorways until finally returning to the living room where Steve would sit on his Thinking Chair, and take the audience through the clues and try to solve the puzzle.

The show was praised for its educational value and the immense sense of fun it provided for kids. Behind the scenes, Steve was somewhat of a surprise choice for the host of the show as he had long hair when he auditioned and was a self-confessed ‘skate-rat.’ The pairing was a success though, for six wonderful years of fun!

Steve (Blue's Clues)

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